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    Bladesmithing, Norse mythology, knives, woodcarving, bow making, blacksmithing, Finnish mythology, Scandinavian history, whittling, good books, leather working, guns, ancient history, Celtic knotwork, drawing, archery, animals, hunting, shooting, making jewelry, swords of all kinds.

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  1. Collin Miller

    Longsword and Bowie

    Great job, dude! Looks like you even got the plunge cut sanded out nicely. I always hate that part
  2. Collin Miller

    NewVeau Dagger

    DUDE! I'm pretty sure magical daggers don't exist, but if they did, this would definitely be one
  3. Collin Miller

    The Golden Seax (WIP)

    I love that song! Rock to me is kind of like pizza. Even if it's a bad pizza, you still like it. 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000's, classic rock, punk rock, metal, grunge, folk, shock rock, emo, industrial, I love all of it . Never thought about the song in that context though The lyrics are already so relatable to me. If I had a dime for everyone who asks me "are you just antisocial?"... ...I've taken to simply responding, "It takes a certain kind of person to enjoy spending their entire day in a dirty shop by themself for less than $10 an hour." haha
  4. Collin Miller

    The Golden Seax (WIP)

    I'll take it! Haha, thanks to @Wes Detrick, I now know that I'm Dave Mustaine's young doppelganger. Thanks again Alan!
  5. Collin Miller

    The Golden Seax (WIP)

    Thanks guys Thanks! I'll let you do it. Out of all the things that don't exist, my photoshop skills don't exist the most Hope this one will work. Thanks again!
  6. Collin Miller

    The Golden Seax (WIP)

    Thanks so much guys! The fiery beard, even though it's kinda tongue in cheek, has been a goal of mine for years, so it feels great to be a part of the group So how's this work? Should I post a pic of my ugly face on here to it get all fired up?
  7. Collin Miller

    The Golden Seax (WIP)

    Thanks dude!
  8. Collin Miller

    The Golden Seax (WIP)

    Aaaand here it is! I actually finished this in the middle of the night on Saturday, but at any rate, here you go I'm going to use the caption/statement I wrote for my Instagram page, since I think it best expresses my thinking process, so if it sounds like I'm preaching to a slightly less educated congregation here, that's why. The Angle Saxon style geometric carvings are representative of my progress as a bladesmith and as a person. At the base of the blade, the design starts off as simple, and a small bit of detail is added in each square. By the end, all of the small changes add up to a totally different and complex design, then simplifying again before it terminates. To me, the sheath is much more than an afterthought. It's half of the complete whole which makes up this ancient tool/weapon system. The seax and its sheath are like a husband and wife, in a way. Icelandic sagas imply that in their culture, you would be better off with no sword at all than a sword with no scabbard. This sheath is tailor made for this particular seax. The sheath would be useless on any other blade, just as the blade would destroy any other sheath it was kept in due to improper fit. No dyes or forced patinas were used on this piece. I'm playing the long con and allowing the natural patina to develop in the leather, copper, and maple over time. All of the copper hardware, I hand forged. The rivets, rings, everything
  9. Collin Miller

    Viking Sword Fingrbitr

    I saw this on Facebook back when you first posted it, but the WIP thread is even better! I'm insanely jealous of your skills guys, this is some Powning style god tier crafting. If Loki shows up at your shop telling you that you've been challenged to a forging contest, I wouldn't be surprised. The gods will appreciate the gifts, but just remember, Loki always lies
  10. Collin Miller

    The Golden Seax (WIP)

    Ahh gotcha! Thanks. Some more work and better pics of the sheath! Using some of @GEzells and @Emiliano Carrillo's sheaths for inspiration... Now I've just got to make the copper hardware
  11. Collin Miller

    The Golden Seax (WIP)

    That's pretty interesting! Thanks for doing that math for me. Could you explain the significant digits a bit? Not sure I'm quite up to speed on that one Really making me work for that flame, huh? Been working on the sheath all day, actually. I like my sheaths to have a "well tailored" kind of look that fits tightly to the seax, so I spent a lot of time wrestling with it in the clamps and pulling everything tight, making my hands tired and sore. After a couple hours of that, I started decorating it while it was still soft, going for some Anglo Saxon looking geometric designs tooled onto the leather. The metal fittings and rivets will be copper Sorry for the poor photos, doing all of this on the kitchen table so it doesn't get too dirty.
  12. Collin Miller

    The Golden Seax (WIP)

    Thanks man! I'm not sure what part of the tree is from, I got it in a 3.5" square by 18" long piece and sawed it up by hand. Thanks! The Golden section was only intentionally applied to the ratio from blade to handle and the break in the blade, the rest I just trusted the way I've kind of internalized the proportions of the broken back seax by studying photos of originals, and didn't measure until I was finished with it. The width turned out to be 1.5" at the base and 1.75" at the break, and the thickness is 0.220" at the base, proximal distal taper up to like 0.252" at the break. Feels very... choppy
  13. Collin Miller

    The Golden Seax (WIP)

    Thanks so much everyone! Just finished up the handle late last night (Okay, I was up until 6:30am, but I did finish it ) So onto the secret... I've long been fascinated by artworks based on geometry and divine proportion, and patterns that repeat themselves within a design. Things like the Golden Spiral inspired this piece, and The Golden Seax is now complete. With a blade of 12.6" and a handle of 7.8", the blade to handle ratio is the golden section of the overall length. This is a ratio that repeats itself in the blade, which is 7.8" from the shoulders to the break, and 4.8" from the break to the tip. So that's the secret behind the name of The Golden Seax I used the weirdest, craziest, and most golden piece of maple I had for this handle, and I'm really happy with the way it looks. I considered carving it, but I honestly think any carvings I did on it would take away from its natural God given character and beauty. I went totally historical with the handle. I kinda wanted to add a metal bolster, but I didn't, because they're not 100% historically accurate for a type IV seax, and Matt Parkinson told me not to put bolsters on seaxes anymore Hope you guys like it! Thanks for looking
  14. Collin Miller

    The Golden Seax (WIP)

    Thanks so much everyone! I'm actually not sure where it originated, I got it from here www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?/topic/32421-round-wrought-iron-bar-stock/&tab=comments#comment-318048 That said, do you happen to know where I could get some more of that Globe stuff? I'm running pretty low at the moment Anywho, here is the blade! Polished to a clean 500 grit before etching. Does anyone happen to know what causes some of these thick black weld lines to show up in the etch of the wrought iron? I know the welds were clean. Heck, I was more worried about the welds between the two twisted bars, the wrought welded beautifully to the steel, but in many places the weld line itself etched really deep and dark. I'm really happy with the way the pattern looks and the way the blade looks, but it's just really interesting that some of the welds look different than others
  15. Collin Miller

    The Golden Seax (WIP)

    Thanks man! Hose clamps are a great idea. I actually didn't end up ruining the clamps though, so I guess it's all good anyway. Thanks George! Thanks! For fluxless welding in coal, there isn't really a trick to it, just make sure you have nice coke surrounding the piece so no oxygen gets to it, and a little soak at welding heat helps. So what you're saying is... It's working? Thanks man! Glad you're enjoying it. So now I've got the final grind done, here it is at something like 400 grit on the trizact belts. I also sawed up some figured maple for the handle, and the blade is now in the oven at 450F for its final temper. Later tonight I'll try to get it polished and etched so I can show it to you guys tomorrow!