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  1. couple of new hunters

    Awesome knives! Coop did a great job with them, but they still looked better in person. It was great to meet you there, and I cant wait to get my pics back from coop as well.
  2. My first real sword! Type XVa longsword complete

    Thanks again guys! Really appreciate your feedback. It is inlayed, mechanically. I cut grooves into the copper and hammered the silver wire into the grooves, then polished it all out.
  3. My first real sword! Type XVa longsword complete

    Thanks so much everyone! Your words all mean so much to me. I have gotten literally hundreds of comments on this sword through Facebook and Instagram, but the opinions of my peers is so valuable to me. Absolutely! Finally got my calipers up and running again, so here we go. Blade length: 34" Hilt length (from the cross guard to the end of the pommel): 10.5" Cross guard width: 10.5" Weight: 1.892lbs, or 858 grams Blade width at base: 1.32" Blade width just before the point: .25" Thickness at base: 6.5mm Thickness at COP (blade node): 5.2mm Thickness two inches before the point: 3.8mm Point of balance: 3.5" in front of the cross Forward pivot point is on the tip, measuring from the cross guard. Hope this helps, guys! Sorry if my weird combination of metric and imperial are confusing, I get a lot of data on historical swords from friends in Europe, so I've picked up a bit of metric as a result of that
  4. 16th Century Type XVa WIP

    Thanks Alan! Here is the new thread with the completed photos, for everyone who's following here!
  5. Hey again, everybody! Here is my latest piece, a type XVa longsword, that many of you have been following in my WIP thread. I don't really have a lot to say about it, it was a really fun project, even though there were some bumps in the road (keeping it straight in heat treat was a pain) The whole sword is just under 1.9lbs, or 850 grams. The ferrules near the guard and pommel are mirror polished copper, I spiral fluted the cocobolo grip, the ferrule/ring... thingy in the center of the grip is mirror polished copper with silver wire lines inlayed on it, and polished silver spacers on either side. The blade is 34" long, spring tempered 80crv2 from Aldo, if my calipers were working I'd give you all stats of the distal taper, but it's a convex distal taper, I believe it's about 7mm thick at the base. To give you an idea of the handling, the forward pivot point is about an inch behind the point, and the hilt node is just above the copper piece in the center, right in the heel of your hand when you hold the sword. Closeup of the absolutely murderous point The copper and silver spacer in the center! I am really happy with this detail
  6. Bronze age antenna hilted knife

    Ooh, I love it! These bronze weapons have such graceful lines.
  7. 16th Century Type XVa WIP

    A couple teasers of the hilt. All that's left are a couple of touch ups, and it'll be time to put it in a box. I mirror polished the silver and copper ferrules, and inlayed simple silver lines into the copper. And the tang was hot peened over the pommel!
  8. "Insane" Neo-Kopis, composite Pweld with bronze etc.

    Looks great!
  9. 16th Century Type XVa WIP

    Almost there! Since this picture, I've decided to remove the wooden piece from the center. I've made another copper one to go on its place, and I'm inlaying the silver into that.
  10. Sorry I keep writing novels...

    You're insane! Great work, man, love every bit of it! All of the seaxes and that type XV sword are super inspiring.
  11. [WiP] Swiss sword

    Dude! Your sword looks freaking great. I love this unique style, history is so diverse and gives us a lot to choose from, and while I love the classic cruciform swords, it's nice to mix up the style a bit.
  12. 16th Century Type XVa WIP

    More progress on the hilt! That's nine pieces, the wood is cocobolo and there are copper and silver ferrule... thingies. Next, I'm going to spiral flute the grip, and do some silver wire inlay on the little cocobolo piece in the center. Speaking of, does anyone know how to inlay silver wire into wood? It's 16ga square silver wire.
  13. Sword of the Lich King.

    Nice! I'll be excited to see how you finish out the skull and the grip.
  14. Hungarian style saber

    Very nice!! Mind sharing your method for fullering the blade? You got them very even and consistent, I'd love to learn how you did them
  15. 16th Century Type XVa WIP

    Thanks for sharing that with me! The point on mine has a different geometry, but overall it's a similar design. Finished up the pommel, and made a new crossguard! I like this one better, it's actually the third attempt, as I burned the second in my forge on accident They were both polished, and then heat blued. I love the finish left by the heat bluing, it gives a very nice shade of gray with subtle blue and purple tones, depending on the light, and has a beautiful finish that gives a clean aesthetic, but also handmade character. You can also see a bit of the oxidization on the base of the blade, from where I drew back the hardness of the tang and shoulders. One of the crossguard terminals. I decided to go with an octagonal faceted decoration, as it mirrors/compliments the pommel. Definitely held my breath while grinding these! The tiny flats are hard to feel, and all it takes is a tiny slip! Thanks for looking, everyone!!