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  1. Hi all I am hoping to sell my last 2 knives from my JS test set that I successfully passed this year in Atlanta. I was hoping to get a table at blade show west this year and show them there but plans fell through so here they are: first one is a 7 1/8” 5160 blade mild steel guard and cocobolo handle 11 3/4” overall second blade is 7” 5160 blade with stainless guard and maple burl handle 12” overall and last is a professional picture of the whole set. $300 obo each shipped to the lower 48 thanks for looking!
  2. John_C

    Cake Cutter

    Thanks guys! Good luck with your project Austin, we had a blast doing this! I am good friends with the bride. The groom and I were sort of friends before doing this and now we are really good friends! Funny what picking up a hammer and hitting hot metal can do
  3. John_C

    Cake Cutter

    Recently I had the privilege of working on a wedding cake knife. The bride and groom were over and I let them work as well and taught them the best I could. Due to time restrictions we decided to make a simple knife with really good materials. Once again sorry for the poor camera skills 115 layer 1084/15n20 redwood handle- the chatoyance is really nice if you saw it in person mosaic pins
  4. they're both awesome! sheaths too. I also prefer satin finishes
  5. very beautiful tanto. love the hamon
  6. that's a really cool knife! the leather sheath with teklok is something I have never seen before and is really cool!
  7. really nice work! love the aged look and clean lines
  8. Such a beautiful knife. I really love the guard!
  9. Grats! I am very happy for you!
  10. Hi Wes I'm from Cashmere. It's about 10 miles west of Wenatchee
  11. Thanks! I would also like to thank David Roeder JS and Geoff Keyes JS for all their help on getting me to where I am now. they are both great people and I highly recommend both. Both the knives in the picture were done by me alone (I say this because the hunter is a candidate of my JS 5)
  12. awesome work! I especially love the guard on the falchion.
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