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  1. you are a Blade smith grand master. I have never seen better.
  2. how much would one of the small spike-hawks cost. they are just to beautiful to pass on.
  3. I absolutely love the dagger. I also know who to go to for an eye patch.
  4. reminds me of my fathers old butcher knife
  5. I love the fact that most of you knives and sheaths look like they were made in the 1860's
  6. I love the blade style on the first
  7. OH MY GOD IS BEAUTIFUL. I could never use a knife like this. it belongs in a display case!
  8. I love the cross, it would be kind of cool to make another with black leather for the cross so you get a lot of contrast.
  9. I bet that took forever to forge......lol. I have wanted to make a claymore out of wood forever, fuller included. looks amazing!
  10. the fine engraving is quite impressive
  11. absolutely gorgeous. I love the symmetry of the handle.
  12. all your knives have a rustic awesomeness to them, I sure as hell wouldn't want to be on the other side of a knife like that.
  13. what is the stuff that the scales are one? is it for keeping the from sliding during the engraving?. love the look of the blade, scales are stunningly crafted.
  14. Noob here. how do you get the metal to fuse? no matter how hard I hit or how hot my metal is it doesn't fuse?
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