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  1. Selling my tactical tomahawk made by the folks over at Zombie Tools Forge. Bought it for $250 + shipping. Selling for 215 Shipped. Don't want to sell it but I have other expenses. Its absolutely Awesome Here are the Specs Total Length: 16 in (.41m) Head Width: 7.25 in (.18m) Edge Length: 4.25 in (.11m) Steel Width: 0.187 in (4.75mm) Steel Type: 6150 Weight: 2lbs (.91kg) Send me a PM if interested. The owner has a warranty from the workshop
  2. I have a potential buyer, just waiting on the payment. There is a heat treating company here in Washington state. not sure about elsewhere, I just used google honestly haha
  3. Hey Geoff! Haha its "Just" a grinder project , never been in the forge. No heat treatment just yet, I'm hoping someone wants it and they can heat treat it, my shop is well suited for knives, it just doesn't have the capabilities for a project this long so I'd have to get it professionally heat treated . Let me know if you want it, I'll actually be in Duvall this Saturday
  4. Hello I'm selling my right handed angle peen hammer! I bought it directly from Master Smith Ed Caffrey a few years ago and have hardly gotten to use it! Its just been sitting in my shop so I figured I might as well let it go. It is in perfect condition and has a slight patina on it from sitting in my shop unused for so long. The weight is 2lbs 7 ounces, the steel is 4140 and has a split hickory handle. I'm asking $150 shipped with insurance
  5. I've decided to sell my broadsword. Originally I was making it for myself but I have my eye on a new rifle so I'm putting it up for sale. The sword is 1/4" thick of 5160 has is 30" in blade length ( Not including the tang) it is 2" at the widest and looks gorgeous. Sam Salvati, of Baltimore Knife & sword and the youtube series "Man at arms" ground the bevels with a 12" contact wheel. It is at a 320 grit. I'm asking $215 shipped for the sword blank but I am open to offers so let me know. thanks
  6. Geoff, Thank you for posting this, I will be there that Friday, hope to meet you when I'm there!
  7. hello! I am looking for someone to help me with my project. I am making a medium length, one handed sword about 36" overall with a 28" blade and 2 inches of a ricasso. I need someone to grind the bevels for me. I will pay very well, just shoot me a PM if your interested and we can work something out. I already have the blade profiled out, its just been sitting in my shop for a few months because my job and college has kept me insanely busy so what I lack in time I make up for in monies. the steel is 5160 from jantz, its 2inches wide and a 1/4" thick. Either a flat grind or hollow grind is fine ( as long as your contact wheel is 10"+ in diameter) so just let me in if your interested. Thanks! Harrison
  8. This belongs in a museum. Absolutely gorgeous. I've never seen such a beautiful piece before.
  9. Geoff- oh i gotcha, i looked at Aldos but didn't see the dimensions i wanted, same with admiral. I went to whiteside, over here by Snohomish, and bought mild steel plate for .80ยข a pound. Im hoping that the mild steel body won't bend or distort with use. Stormcrow- what i mean by that is that i don't intend to use it for a throwing weapon. It's more of a small war ax/ huge tomahawk. It's about 20" long and almost a 6" long cutting edge. Ill use it for when i go camping and hunting ect. If i was going to make a tomahawk to throw i wouldn't take the time to forge weld in a Damascus bit lol
  10. Stormcrow- Are you thinking the butt end, about where the pinkie finger would grip, would feel uncomfortable in hand? Geoff- how thick are your hawks? I couldn't find any reasonably priced medium carbon steel to make the tomahawk out of that's why im having to forge weld in the Damascus bit into a mild steel head (Also curious to see how that would look). It would certainly be easier if I could start with spring steel and go from there. Forge welding is a lot of fun though so I don't mind. It would be great to meet up. I just visited your website and saw you do great work I could definitely learn and thing or two from you. I didn't see any of your hawks on your website though. On a side note, do you deer hunt?
  11. Im digging your hawks! The one on top especially. What are they made of? By the way I noticed you're in duvall, I'm here in bothell haha.
  12. Hey Geoff, That's a great point! I never even thought about using it as a throwing weapon haha. The cutting edge is nearly 6" long so it's really more of a war ax than it is a tomahawk. Do you have any pictures of the hawks you made? -Harrison
  13. Before I start I'd first like to say the head of the tomahawk I'm making is designed by RMJ Tactical. They make top of the line tomahawks and in no way am I trying to pass off my work as theirs or steal credit for their design! Let me say it one more time: I DID NOT DESIGN THE HEAD OF THIS TOMAHAWK. Nor will I be selling this tomahawk, it is for my own personal use and will remain in my possession forever until I pass it down to my children and so forth. If you're interested in buying a tomahawk I'd invite you to check out the work over at RMJ tactical or any other blade smith. Having said that, I would appreciate no negative comments regarding the design of my tomahawk, I'm already aware that the design of the head is somebody else's. I'm not selling this tomahawk and therefore will not be making any money from this. Thanks! Alright so I've always thought axes and tomahawks were pretty awesome weapons and after making knives for the past 5 years I thought I'd try to make a tomahawk. Here are three axes I combined to get my design. The final design I'm going with is attached. The way I'm going to make this tomahawk might be a little (or a lot) different than most of you guys would but just keep in mind that I've had shoulder surgery so I'm trying to save my shoulder as much as possible . I'm starting with 3/8" mild steel plate. I'm going to cut open a slit on both sides so I can insert a Damascus bit that will eventually become the cutting edge in front, and the chisel edge in back. Once I forge weld the bits in I'm going to plasma cut the shape out and go from there. Any advice along the way would be much appreciated!
  14. Hello, I'm looking for a source to buy a cable Damascus billet from but haven't been able to find anything recent. If you know of any people let me know. A few months ago i started playing around with forge welding and learned to forge weld a high carbon bit into a mild steel axe head. Anyways, it turned out really nicely and it got me thinking it would be pretty cool looking to forge weld a cable Damascus bit into tomahawk head. Like i said before let me know if anybody sells it.
  15. Just bought a rifle so I'm trying to sell this knife. If interested I'm totally open to ANY offers. It also comes with a lifetime warranty
  16. Here is a small EDC knife for sale. It is made out of 5160 and has been precisely heated treated for this specific metal. It is 6.5" overall with a 3.5 inch blade. The tang is 1/4inch thick at the thickest then goes into a distal taper like all forged knives should! The handle wrap is tan Para cord. The blade was edge quenched (differential HT) properly normalized 3X, hardened in oil and tempered 3X for 2 hours at 370 degrees. for an extra 15 dollars I will make and include a leather sheath. Please let me know if you have any questions. I am asking $115 shipped + optional $15 for sheath. Vets, law enforcement and current military get discount. I prefer paypal but will accept a money order P.S sorry the pictures are so huge, didn't intend for that
  17. That's a great idea Chris! I have no idea why that didn't occur to me haha. I watched how Jim Austin makes his tomahawks and I'm chomping at the bit to get back into it!
  18. Hey guys thanks for the replies. Doctor says i can't forge for 3 months. I tore my rotator cuff during weight lifting that's the only reason why I'm even considering tig welding and stock removal. Trust me I'd much rather forge it I'll probably just wait until my shoulder heals then forge weld it. Thanks guys!
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