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  1. Another vote here for combat abrasives. Dave
  2. This has been interesting- appreciate the updates and the pics Dave
  3. Cooked 2 in the toaster oven for 2 hours @ 200 and they now appear to be cured. Will clean them up tomorrow and repost back. Have 2 more in cooking now to pull @ 6:30 tonight. Thanks guys! Dave
  4. Both sets of bottles, from different sellers, had an expiration of 2019. I did all of these knives the exact same way I have been doing for many, many years- except I kept the shop @ 70 degrees after the initial failures. My shop never gets cooler than 55 degrees. DevCon says right on the label that sunlight will cause it to fail. And as Jerrod pointed out the sun never shines here [at least this year I hate to do work over. I mean I REALLY hate it Dave
  5. I have used DevCon for more than 20 years without problem, until now. I have 4 knives on my bench ready to ship. After 2 weeks the Epoxy is still tacky. When this first happened I discarded the bottles I was using and bought new. Same results- the epoxy is still tacky. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there anything I can do to force it to cure? I am switching to AcraGlass but hate to tear these 4 down and start over... Thanks! Dave
  6. I cut my thumb three days ago, pretty deep, bled like everything, so I understand about bot being able to work in the shop. Healing up nicely as long as I don't put ANY pressure on it. real tired of all the things you can do without your thumb, tho. I will spare everyone the pics Heal quick!
  7. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Will give the cement a try later. Buried making knives right now. Thanks again, Dave
  8. The clamps came today, bought enough to do six knives at a time. They are the ticket! Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and ideas Dave
  9. I ordered a bunch of C Clam vife grips with the swivel pads. I will polish the pads and if needed will glue leather to protect the scales. Appreciate the time everyone took to help me along my way O-O Thanks! Dave
  10. I will go take a look at smaller clamps with smaller feet. I had to laugh out loud seeing clutzy me in the shop peining pins over top of wet epoxy- sounds like the makings of an episode of I love Lucy... Years ago when I made my first knife on my own, I forgot to sand the leading edge of the wood scales and didn't get the excess epoxy completely off on a full tang knife. When I realized what I had done I set it aside until a buddy who was kinda breaking me on came by. When I handed him the knife he went straight to the anvil and smashed the scales into pieces all over the shop. While I
  11. Decided years ago that I would prefer to skip the mess instead of cleaning it up after. Will file away this suggestion when life interferes with my plan to get it off while wet. I appreciate the time you took to share this with me [us] Thank you! Dave
  12. One of my new models uses Micarta overlay scales with a reveal all around. Clamping the overlay with epoxy is preventing good cleanup of the epoxy while it dries. I use Q-Tips, first dry, then with alcohol and finally with acetone, spaced about 30 minutes apart. Not sure how to clamp them in place and still have room to wipe off excess. The rubber tip on my clamps is a little wider than the overlay so can't get all the way around to wipe. If I remove the rubber tips from the clamps they leave a mark in the scales. Rather than making myself even crazier I decided to ask you
  13. This whole knife just 'works' very well and I, too, love the handle. MUCH better than a corn cob IMO Great work!
  14. This thread is one of the best I have ever followed. I appreciate the extra time you are taking to let us go along with you
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