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  1. That's awesome. I just moved down here late last summer from Ft. Worth. If I need any help I'll be sure to let you know.
  2. Sadly I don't have all the tooling I'd like right now. That's one reason I'm considering buying one. I'm also fully aware of what steel does when it gets hot. I'm a welder by trade and I know how to prevent or compensate for warpage. It's especially easy with heavier gauge stuff.
  3. I'll look into it Wayne. I knew that I had heard of Polar Bear Forge before. Upon looking on the website I remembered, I was considering lamellar armor from him when I started playing SCA.
  4. I wasn't even considering one without variable speed. I'm more than capable of fabricating one if I had my welder here with me, but sadly I don't and I don't have an argon bottle for it either right now.
  5. I'm sort of new to the knife making world. Ever since I was a kid I've been enamoured with blades and I made pointy and knife shaped objects. I have a little 1x30 from Harbor Freight that I got for small projects. I've even made a knife shaped object or two on it, but I know it is woefully inadequate for actual serious blade making. Well now I'm ready to take the plunge and step up to a more serious grinder and get more serious with this hobby. My budget is right around $1800 or so. I'm limited to 110v in my house right now. I'm not paying for 220v service because I'm renting. I was consi
  6. I like the cord wrap for a survival/backpack knife. It gives positive grip and offers a source of cordage should the need arize.
  7. Beautiful work. I love the pattern on the skinning knife. Very unique and kind of reminds me of a fish scale pattern or turtle shell.
  8. Thanks for the encouraging words. I'm sure that, in time, I will be picking brains on this site. I'm moving back in with my family this Wednesday but I won't be able to set up an anvil but I'm still planning on building a small forge and doing some stock removal knives until my wife and I move into our own place and I can set something up on a permanent basis and can work towards getting my shop set up. Like I said, until then I will be working with stock removal and learning some heat treating on tool and carbon steels.
  9. Beautiful knife. Great work with it. If a customer is able to do that and it still holds up then that's praise an review enough for me. Bois d'arc/osage orange would be another good test for those of us in a more southern location. Especially if it has been dried.
  10. Awesome blade and a great save. I can only imagine how many potentially good blades have been lost due to a break like this and then scrapped.
  11. Well I guess that this is going to be my first post. I haven't actually started yet but I'm finally in a position that I can start amassing tools. I was single and in the Army for almost nine years so barracks life and Army life aren't exactly condusive to having a forge and anvil as well as the tools. I'm out now and am getting ready to move. I've been fascinated by blades for as long as I can remember. My father has even commented on the fact that I've had a fascination with weapons for as long as he can remember. I come from a long line of hanimen and my father and I were talking a
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