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  1. Got over the first hurdle, we will have a home now...no small thing. Thanks guys! Every little bit helped, and helps alot.
  2. My Girlfriend and I did it for a little over a hear full time...out biggest mistake was to stop and go conventional actually. Were working on getting back to it noe. Life is short. Do what you love.
  3. Yeah, I'd be way carefull, that dendritic pattern can appear on a lot of materials besides wootz, and I agree with Chris 100%, I'd not buy any wootz that was not initially processed to bar.
  4. I think it's just neat from a historical perspective. Visions of steaming whale oil and smoking lead pots and all :0)
  5. Nice work! Good classic design. Hope to see more of your work in the future
  6. R.H.Graham


    My retail on that here would be in the range of 1800 bucks, so yeah, I would say it's a score. :0) If it has no teeth on it, it's annealed, it's bandsaw stock. Uddleholm and Sandvik are the main producers, both exceptionally high quality makers of 15n20 My advice would be to have it sheared in strips off of the long edges, as opposed to across the 12 width. This steel is verry agressively rolled and reduced in the steel mill and it'll have a "grain" orientated with the length of the strip. It should shear without any issues. Awesome score man! Congrats, 15n20 is a great steel.
  7. In some spots still quite a few, not so much round here where we've been raped so heavy by the logging companies.
  8. Nope, owls off limits country wide as far as I know, and if they are not, they should be.
  9. Very nice, I like that! Fantastic guard!
  10. I seen the title and thought it read "horny old relic" and I thought you were talkin smack about me...I need to wear my glasses more :0) Awesome shots Scott
  11. I should clarify also, ice and heat in alternate sessions can help alot, just don't use it as a way to keep going. Icing in particular can relieve a lot of the pain and inflamarion but the temptation is to keep going once it feels a bit better, and that is a mistake. Heat and ice is for recovery time. A lot of very firm massaging with a rounded object, i use a two inch dowel with a rounded end, right into the sore spots, can be downright distastefull, but it'll help. As firm as you can stand, don't muscle against it, stay relaxed, but it'll help. An increase in potassium, calcium, and magnesium intake can help as well. Alfalfa taken as a supplement can be nearly miraculous as well.
  12. Buck, I sure feel for ya. Main thing is to listen to the pain when forging and stop of it hurts. Don't bull through it, like I did, it was one of the bigger mistakes of my life.
  13. Edges on tamahagane swords at 60-63 rc ARE tempered. Waterquenched, this steel as hardened is typically 65rc+... possibly as high as 67rc. Much like W-1 or 1095.
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