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  1. No prob, wish I had thought of it :0) Kay Vikstrom showed me that variation.
  2. Just crappy pics, from late last night. Taking some better ones today after I polish the blade a little more.
  3. Down to old bench grinder with wire wheel and buffing wheel. Those may be gone soon as well.
  4. Here's a pic Oil was still splotchy in the pics, it evens out over a day or two...
  5. In my own way in any case. Shear steel, rock maple, copper, and leather. No powertools.
  6. Most certainly, as cool as he was, he wasn't doing anything majic.
  7. Got grinder wheels for sale, for kmg styke grinder or homebuilds. A used 8 inch in perfect working order, has internal bearings and 5/8 shaft with 1/2 inch thread and soacer collar, I believe it came off a square wheel type grinder. 3 brand new unused... A 3 inch contact with bearings, a 3.5 idler/tracking wheel with bearings, and a 4 inch drive wheel with keyed 5/8ths bore. $250 for all, buyer pays shipping. EMT if younare in canada, Paypal if in the U.S. You can email me at rhgraham@icloud.com
  8. Cool! The privateers were not all french either, got some family hisorty there. Great looking axes Allen...as usual...
  9. Nice nice nice. Love your big stuff Robert.
  10. Awesome. Nice big chopper. And thank you for taking the time to brush all the scale off of that beautifully forged surface. I know it's a pain in the butt to get it all off but it makes the difference between an attempt at "rustic" and a piece of work forged with care and skill. Imo.
  11. Cool! Those should work awesome
  12. I absolutely love the way you make those bush swords, the handles are very cool.
  13. Simple stuff is fun once in awhile for sure.
  14. Thy might work as lures, I'll have to try that now lol!
  15. Getting some play on them actually. I'll be making some more, having some fun with the idea.
  16. I plan on making a few of these throughout the year.
  17. Cool, never tried thicker stock in shorter time frames, I'll have to now to see how it works.
  18. That's awfully thick for carburising IMO, to get much penetration in stock like that you'll have to increase the soak significantly. I usually work in the 1/16 to 1/8 range, with thicker material it's a much different approach and is an all-day affair, 16-20 hours, bit I have not done that in years.
  19. This knife has been sold, thanks for the looks folks!
  20. Thanks Wes. Yes, been making variations on these for years actually, for myself and friends mostly, it was my Girlfriend who finally pushed me to make some to sell, as they just very handy tools. One of the two inch versions is a knife I use bushcrafting and camping alot as well. Just a non-disposable utility knife really.
  21. Thanks Karter....I think.... Lol!
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