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  1. Crappy pics, lost the light before I got finished, but will do the job for now. Bear Knife, made from all antique material, made with fur trade era tech and tools... Except for the antler being filled with epoxy. The pith had gotten very brittle over 75 or 80 years so wanted to be sure the handle was up to snuff. 1800's shear steel for the blade, sled runners from 1909 for the fittings, elk antler was a trade when I was a young man out west, with a great guy whomwas already an old man when I met him. Again, improved pics later, these will have to do for now.
  2. Love your stuff Miles, and use of natural materials
  3. Generally I try to keep the hidden tangs 1/2 the width of the blade nominal, and usually closer to 3/4 mostly, and taper it some to the butt end, but as little as possible. With good handle materials I found the knife as strong overall as slabs on tapered or drilled full tangs. I do like to ht the tang halfway or so along with the rest of the blade. Especially using maples and birches I think they are just as strong on all practical levels as a full tang construction. Imo, of course. Good work Geoff. This stuff is where the rubber meets the road.
  4. Personally i find it hard to be as diplomatic as Scott and other people, and I'm getting old so don't nessecarily care that much either anymore. Even the moras, i appreciate them, and their place, but they ain't much of a knife,, and there are tens of thousands more just like them. Common cheap disposable nominally servicable knife. Great. I know of a bunch of forums that talk about that sort of stuff endlessly.
  5. Geoff, I gotta say though, that is an exceptionally small tang of the stick variety even, was this primarily for test purposes? I would not expect that you would make knives on a usual basis with such a teeny tang. Cool vid and test
  6. No offense PaulRogers, but it makes one wonder why you would be here at all then. Not many of us here are making $40 knives or catering to the WallMart crowd.
  7. I wish there were a lot more of them :0)
  8. I always thought that well made stick or hidden tangs had an un-deserved bad rap. Afterall, it's a design that has worked fine for swords for how many centuries? Like anything else it's how it's done that is important, kept wide as reasonably possible and with blades that have good heat treatment, as well as good handle materials, the hidden tangs can run right along with full tang knives except when it gets into out and out abuse. Making knives for three decades now both ways, never had any issues reported with hidden tang knives, and most of my customers have been users. In the end, at le
  9. Ever have that happen? When a projects starts out kinda casual but kinda takes on a life of it's own? Started with box of stuff that I have been dragging around for literally decades, odds n ends off the many benches I have made messes on. An old blade I made way long ago, from way older steel. And old antler I got in trade from a friend in Alberta I used to hunt with, both "surfaced" in the box at the same time, and i just happened to set them together. And off it went from there. Found some old sled runner steel earlier today, looking around for something to make fittings out of. And a
  10. Honest to god Jim, 1275? Really? That is an absolute steal. Way to little money to ask for such an enormous amount of work. That is an awesome sword!
  11. Gorgeous knife and sheath, in my favorite style as well, I think this is one of the most striking scandi flacoured knives I have seen in a long time. Excellent work!
  12. Slightly tangental... I used presses alot in the past, built a bunch, when welding with them I got into the habit of heating up a big square chunk of steel I got scrap, probably 3x4 by 5 long I think, and clamped them between the dies and let it sit there while heating up the billets or what have you. The preheat on the dies helped ALOT with welding and stuff.
  13. Man, glad that was not any worse. Should have had a couple of stitches in that one though.
  14. :0) It is isn't it. Perhaps sometimes the realities get in the way of the reason a lot of us took the path of the sword in the first place. Something to think about today, thanks big J.
  15. Man, you two are quite a team! Beautiful work all around.
  16. Another great Knife! Nice thin blade too, I really like that.
  17. R.H.Graham


    Very cool folders, like them very much. The tightening lever is cool! :0)
  18. Thought you were spot on really Kevin. Just random pontifications coming from group sword-sickness :0)
  19. Yes, cool vid...and i can see it!
  20. Very cool, is there a sheath for it?
  21. Yes, although there is nothing wrong with the criticisms themselves, it is a time and place issue. In a sale forum, or at a show for that matter, negative comments can really have a bad effect on the whole deal, and it just not the place. Especially coming from other makers. It can border on insulting in some case, and very disrespectfull. In the show and tell, or the design and critique forums, it comes across completely differently, even the very same statements. That is the place for it. Some of the folks here are trying to eek out a living with this craft also so although it may not
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