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  1. That is absolutely beautiful! I wish I could make something even half that good! I haven't made anything I feel is worthy of showing all the massively talented people on this site, and now I'm really going to have to step up my game I look forward to seeing more of your work!
  2. Thanks Miles! I plan on making the second one for sure; the first one, I'm going to wait until I can come up with a more complete idea for it. I completely understand what you mean about the gracefulness of swords, and the first blade certainly doesn't have that flowing grace. Now to make a gas forge, get some forge welding practice, and get to work!
  3. So, I'm new at this. I've only ever done a couple of blades (not even finished, just rough forged ) out of rail spikes. I have no time period for the beginning of these things, but I've been following Rob Toneguzzo's and Josh Weston's sword topics and they got me itching to at least draw something up. So I did. Since it's the forum's fault that I've gotten the itch for this, I thought I'd show it the consequences of its actions First, I have a hilt design for a very basic blade. I think it's a rapier based on dimensions of the blade, but I don't have a blade length yet. Ne
  4. After thinking about the cost disparity between a gas forge and an induction heater, I've decided to just use gas. I have a small coal forge right now; not big enough for anything bigger than a rail spike blade. Thanks for the info! This thread is what finally convinced me to make a gas forge. I was just going to make a bigger coal burner, but I wasn't sure if I was comfortable doing some forge welding in the coal. Dave, this is precisely what I would do if I had the funds. I love this idea. My kind of crazy
  5. I'm going to begin work on a gas forge in a few months so I can get some serious smithing done, mostly because of the things I've learned on this forum. Luckily, all the precautions that everyone here's mentioned I don't really have to worry about. My forge is just standing in the backyard. There's nothing but open sky above it Thanks for all the feedback! I look forward to getting more work done soon because of you guys!
  6. Thanks! I've been thinking about building a gas forge, but I'm not sure if it would be cheaper to run in my area. I'll look into it!
  7. I've been thinking about making an induction furnace for making Damascus and heart treating. Good idea? Bad one? What do you use?
  8. So I'm 18 years old and have just started smithing. My family is very supportive of this endeavor. I have a coal forge, and one day about a week ago I was forging when my grandparents decided to come over. They thought it was pretty cool, until they saw the soot coming off the coal. Then my grandmother freaked out about how I would die of black lung in a year. So, the tl;dr is as follows: what kind of lung protection do you use? I currently use a bandana tied around my face until the initial flames die down.
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