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  1. Thank you for all your kind comments. Interesting... as my Dad also thought the screws should have been filled, but I personally can't see it working. My view being, that as it is the handle has a natural look (added to it by the aluminium). And if the screws were filled it would take the natural look away... If that makes any sense?! Though I do need to do some more filling on one spot on the handle; so I will have a think on the screws in the mean time. EDIT: @Eddie Eggleston - No its not actually, it was taken to 600 grit, etched in hot vinegar then polished with a metal polish up to that point.
  2. This is my second ever finished blade (as good as finished - just need some minor work on the handle). My first blade (a sword) is also very almost complete but still awaiting for me to fit the pommel. The post for the sword is over on iforgeiron (here if you're interested: http://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/35075-wip-first-sword/ ). About this knife. I forged it over the Christmas holidays from university and did the rest over this eater holiday. There are a few flaws in the blade; when it came to the finish of the blade, as I caught the end of the blade on the linisher causing a lowspot on the end. Also, where I hadn't properly got rid of all the original sanding grit marks revealed themselves on the final polish and etch (in vinegar). The Knife: Overall Length: 315mm Blade Length: 95mm Thickest Point on Spine: 2mm Weight: 190g Steel: 1095 Handle: Pippy oak, with knots filled with polyethylene resin with aluminum powder. Apologies for large photos! Here are two photos on the handle scales before they were fitted and finished. And the almost finished knife.. All comments welcome, thanks for looking.
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