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  1. Uddeholm Vanax perhaps? http://www.uddeholm.com/stainless_knife_steel.htm
  2. Thank you,very interesting book.
  3. Beautiful in hand as well. I bought a spear from Greg,which I picked up today. Very pleased with the work,and great dealing with Greg. Thanks.
  4. The movie is called Knifemaking unplugged,and that is one beautiful knife.
  5. Thanks to this post,I had to order all three. Just got them,so I haven´t had the time to read them yet,but flipping through,it looks nice. And so nice to not get a paperback for once.
  6. norsk


    I have difficulty seeing a horse,but I see a skull in the first pic.
  7. http://www.aescustomknives.com/docs/tutorial10.htm http://www.aescustomknives.com/docs/tutorial9.htm
  8. I think whining about it online helps as well.a lot of people read and get a lot of their information from the net
  9. dunno if this`ll help ya,but I think the pics are interesting. http://www.miljolare.no/data/ut/album/?al_id=2085
  10. magnets.look at the last sentence in the first post
  11. Peter,you actually get to hold the sword in your hands?
  12. I like it. I have ordered one with mokume bolsters front and back .looking forward to getting it.
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