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  1. Actually, its the other way around, but not always. Right know I can't get some of them to show up on the Ipad. do I need an app of some kind?
  2. Correction, something called Safari on the ipad.
  3. Right now I'm on an I pad mini. normally, i'm on a Dell computer with Windows 7. On both I use internet eplorer.
  4. Can see other videos on different systems and on different computers/ tablets. Its not all of the videos, just some. i'm not sure if its a membership thing or operator error.
  5. I am having trouble viewing some of the videos on the Videos and Multimedia forum. Is it me or my computer.........? Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  6. Thanks to everyone for their input! I will use all of this to improve my future knives. Thank you all for taking the time to reply. I look forward learning more from everyone.
  7. Thank you all for the insight and guidance. In reference to the area behind the choir; it does extend below the edge and would prevent certain use. Something I never thought of before..... As for the sheath; there is a welt strip to protect the thread and I did use a groove tool, although after looking at it I can tell why it looks like I didn't use either. Again thanks to everyone and look forward to posting more of my knife making attempts
  8. This is the first knife I have made completely by myself. Previously, I have had help with one aspect or another. Stock Removal Process: Overall length is 8 1/4" with a 4 1/8" blade. 1095 steel, heated in a coal forge, using a pipe to assist in heat treatment, and quenched in peanut oil. Blood wood handle Brass pins 1/4" Copper tubing for thong hole Handmade leather sheath, hot waxed for durability. I ask for any and all criticism, as I truly enjoy making knives and want to do the best possible job. I made this for myself as a EDC KNIFE.
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