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  1. Thanks for the info again. Yeah for now small hand tools and knifes are pretty much what I have in mind. If I feel like this is something I would like to do long term I might work on a larger setup, but my biggest restricting factor would be space. Maybe someday I will be blessed with a larger shop, until then...
  2. Thanks for the information everyone! lotsa help As far as the brake drums go, I live in a pretty small town.. But I might have to do some looking, it would save me time if I could find one off of a larger truck. This is the firepot I had planned on building, and making the surrounding concrete. But after some discussion and looking through those pics on google, it seems like steel would be the way to go. So my next questions would be: 1. the surrounding area (I think is referred to as the "hearth"?) how hot does that get? and do I need more then 1/4" steel plate? 2. if I build the pot out of heavier steel (Like 3/4") how long do you think that will last? will I have to replace it often?... if ever? 3. what type of heat transfer am I looking at for the blower pipe? should I worry about how thick that is? 4. the hood, I had planned on a side draft. how hot will that get? I could imagine the heat loss out the top wouldn't be that great.. but I just don't know. Little background: I am a certified structural, pipe, mig and tig welder. So while this is new....its not completely new
  3. Thanks for the info, what thickness of steel would you recommend? I would prefer something a little more "permanent" then a break drum, although it gives me a place to start.. And along those lines. For the air venting in the bottom, should I worry about how thick the steel piping is? I'm not quite sure what temperatures I'll be reaching under the fire. My current plan is to use standard 2" threaded steel pip to run from the forge blower to the output under the fire.. is that recommended? Thanks!
  4. So i'm a complete beginner, although I have been doing a fair amount of research online... The type of forge I would like to build would be a bottom blown coal forge And as far as building my own forge goes... what type of material should I line it with? clay is fairly limited up here and expensive.. Would a standard concrete work? like one of those premixed bags that you get from homedepot? or do I need something more rugged? 2nd of all, since we have winter 8 months out of the year, I need this to be indoors.. now I know about chimney venting etc.. my old house was heated with wood, but does anyone foresee any problems with putting the forge in my garage? its a 20'x23' garage with a 8ft ceiling, I don't actually use it for a garage.. its my shop now. But i've never burned coal.. if I have the chimney and draft set up properly should I expect any coal dust in the garage/shop? what are your thoughts? Anyways thanks for any advice.
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