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  1. Thanks for all your replies! I've done mostly stock removal type knives, and I've read all of Jim Hrisoulas' books. You're right, Ron, as in I've done hardly any forging and am looking for ways to remedy that and work on that. Separately though, with my extra time, I also want to study historical blades and get a feel of them and their measurements so I can do at least some stock removal and wooden models until things start getting serious. My dilemma is I can't seem to find a good source for dimensions, including guard, pommel, and handle. Doug, thanks for the advice. I'm going out to some museums at some point anyway, so I'll send them a humble letter. Ron, you mentioned that there are some books on detailed drawings, cross sections, and such? Also, are there any replica companies that offer daggers I can purchase and mock up? Salutations.
  2. I want to create a historically accurate dagger for the joy of it... at least, as much as possible. Besides the basics of forging, heat treat, and such, concept, design, accurate ways of 3D measurements, and what to look for to create the most accurate reproduction are all lost on me. I know there are some self-taught bladesmiths out there... where to look? I read endlessly on historical weapons, but it has its limits. I want to get close and personal with some actual artifacts, but how I have no idea how to get my foot in the door. I need a structured way to tackle this project. Any ideas?
  3. Mel

    Quench Tank

    Hey, I was looking into getting a good oil tank that pre-heats for a 120v household but I couldn't help but notice not a lot of threads really talk about this. Am I missing something? Is there a place in Canada where I can go grab one? As always - grately appreciated. -Mel (Forge is coming along thanks to everyone here!!)
  4. I personally haven't worked with 01 steel before but from my knowledge it's a fantastic steel to start with as it's fairly forgiving with heat treatment. If you're looking for numbers, for forging start at 1800 to 1950 degrees F. Tempering goes from 350 to 500 and quench it in oil. Good luck in your endeavours. If you look around, there's plenty of metallurgy sources available for you to look at.
  5. I'm looking to build a forge in Vancouver, Canada, but it's difficult to find a place in the city. So what I'm hoping on getting one started up on the outside balcony. Does anyone know a good forge set-up that's not too difficult to get started (and won't disturb the neighbors)? I need a smaller forge for the area I'll be working with (565 square ft). And it needs to be a propane or coal forge to fit their regulation standards (can't be a gas forge!). Biggest issue I need to take care of is eliminating the smoke or anything that may bother the neighbors or become a hazard. What would be a good affordable ventilation system for a set up like this? Thanks a lot guys. It's been ridiculous finding a place in the city- I've been itching to get started and would appreciate any help/advice Here's a picture of the area from the previous owners.
  6. Mel

    Anvil Suppliers

    Just took a look at it. There's a 200lb Emerson Traditional Anvil available... can anyone vouch for it? Thanks for the help! Seems like a pretty solid site.
  7. I'm looking to buy a 200 lbs "London Pattern" anvil. Unfortunately, it's taking quite a while trying to find one of those... do you know of any internet-accessible suppliers who carry or produce anvils? They does not have to sell exactly what I'm looking for, but it would be helpful to find other options. Price is not my main concern, but rather quality. Sites like eBay, Craiglist, and Kijiji are already being hit up on my end, but none so far have really suited my interests. Thanks so much for all your help, Cheers
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