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  1. Is there someplace to watch Arctic Fire 2016? From what I can tell, it was streamed on Facebook, but I can't seem to find those videos on the Arctic fire Facebook page, anymore (Except one wrap up discussion video).

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    2. James R.Fuller

      James R.Fuller

      Thanks, Dave. I have been DYING to see it. Unfortunately, I had to work during the event...:P

    3. Dave Stephens

      Dave Stephens

      Sorry it's taking so long. This is the consequence of doing this event for free w/ all volunteer work. You've heard the expression "Good, Fast, Cheap . . . choose only two." Well, AF is good and cheap. 


    4. James R.Fuller

      James R.Fuller

      Hey, no worries, brother. I am quite thankful that I will eventually get to see it. Arctic Fire 2012 was what got me into forging in the first place, so I cannot say enough how grateful I am that you guys do these at all, let alone free to the viewer.