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  1. My wife is a MASSIVE Tolkien fan (I mean... who isn't?), so for Christmas I made her a wooden replica of Sting (as seen in the Peter Jackson films, of course). I decided to make it out of all wood for a number of reasons, as I was pressed for time, I knew it would spend it's life on a shelf, and I had a really cool idea for making it glow that I didn't think would work well with steel. The entire piece is made of Poplar wood, as I had a bunch of it handy. It is scaled 1:1 with the sword from the films, too. Keen eyed observers may notice that a few characters are missing from the inscriptions,
  2. That is AWESOME! Just bought 3 of them, myself!
  3. Adam, My fuller was all done via stock removal. I primarily did it using a file like a scraper. It was a very long and tedious task. When I moved on to polishing, I simply found a 4" section of PVC pipe that closely matched the radius of the fuller and used it as a sanding block. It was because I did almost all of this with handtools and a crappy belt sander (plus my general lack of free time) that it has taken me over a year to get this far.
  4. Alan, thanks for the tip about the pommel size. I am a little worried about weight, but, as you said, I can just make it hollow. Unfortunately, I do not have a very accurate way to measure the weight, at the moment. But using the old weigh-yourself-then-weigh-yourself-again-while-holding-the-item trick, I have determined it is just under 2lbs. And since my calipers broke about 7 months ago, I cannot give an exact thickness at the tang. It should be 1/4", though. I did my best to put a stronger, linear distal taper in the first third of the blade followed by a slower, more convexed taper
  5. Alrighty, fellow smiths! I have been working on this project for a little over a year now, and I finally feel like it is safe to post about it. I don't have a lot to show, at the moment, but I plan on keeping track of my progress throughout the creation of the various hilt components. The blade is made of 1084, and the blade is sitting just shy of 36" with an additional 10" of tang. These first few pictures are from before heat treat and polishing. A picture of my ugly self holding the blade for scale (pre heat treat). Here are two pictures of the
  6. Absolutely gorgeous. If I had your skills, Gary, I would be getting pro photos a lot more often!
  7. I find myself second guessing every aspect of this Longsword now that I am entering the back half of it's creation. Is it light enough? Is the taper correct? Since I have never held a proper sword before, I am  guessing everything based on the research I have done. *sigh*

  8. I am on the verge of my first sword, which is the ultimate goal for me. I began blade smithing in the hopes of creating swords for myself, so if I can finish this one (this is my third attempt), I will feel quite accomplished.
  9. Motion isn't so important. I have seen a bunch of different people achieve the same results using all sorts of different types of knife strokes. What is important is keeping a consistent angle and a consistent amount of work on both sides of the average blade. You should use whatever motion is going to help you stay the most consistent.
  10. I would be able to finish mine up by the end of August, so an extension would be awesome!
  11. Unfortunately, I will need to drop out for this year's KITH. Too many projects going on...:(
  12. Man, you stole my pun! XD My wife is really tired of me saying "KITHchen knife" at this point. I guess great minds think alike. It's looking good so far!
  13. I've been working on mine a little bit at a time over the past 3 months. I usually wait until I am finished to post anything. I would be done already, but my interests keep getting diverted to a long sword that I am working on.
  14. Is there someplace to watch Arctic Fire 2016? From what I can tell, it was streamed on Facebook, but I can't seem to find those videos on the Arctic fire Facebook page, anymore (Except one wrap up discussion video).

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    2. James R.Fuller

      James R.Fuller

      Thanks, Dave. I have been DYING to see it. Unfortunately, I had to work during the event...:P

    3. Dave Stephens

      Dave Stephens

      Sorry it's taking so long. This is the consequence of doing this event for free w/ all volunteer work. You've heard the expression "Good, Fast, Cheap . . . choose only two." Well, AF is good and cheap. 


    4. James R.Fuller

      James R.Fuller

      Hey, no worries, brother. I am quite thankful that I will eventually get to see it. Arctic Fire 2012 was what got me into forging in the first place, so I cannot say enough how grateful I am that you guys do these at all, let alone free to the viewer.

  15. 1. Brian Dougherty 2. Timothy Artymko 3. Doug Crawford 4. JJ Simon 5. Scott Wright 6. Wesley Alberson 7. Robert Dowse 8. Kevin Hopkins 9. George Ezell 10. Michael Lenaghan 11. Dan Bourlotos 12. Aiden Carley-Clopton 13. Mike Andriacco ​14. Emiliano Carrillo 15. Francesco Muci 16. Juho Voutilainen 17. Pieter-Paul Derks 18. James Fuller
  16. Just leave it open ended... Everyone can use whatever materials, scrap or otherwise, that they want.
  17. I voted kitchen knife, but I'm not totally for the "using only scraps" idea. Not everyone has much in the way of scraps laying around. Also, are we going to determine a size minimum or maximum? Or are we going to just do a free for all (I.e. you may get a pairing knife... you may get a butcher's knife).
  18. Cool! I had heard about cold welding before seeing this, but I appreciate getting more information about it (especially since I really didn't know much about it other than it can happen in space).
  19. If everyone is so excited for the next KITH, why don't we just do one for the next six months? set the deadline for New years eve. I know doing one over the second part of the year will be harder, due to the addition of holidays, but no one ever said we could only do one a year... Just a suggestion I also like the Idea of an eating set. that'd be a really fun and challenging project!
  20. Sorry it took me so long to add photos of my finished bowie, here. I had my sister in town a little over a week ago, and I had her take some good photos for me (She is a professional photographer). Let me know what you guys think!
  21. 1. Timothy Artymko 2. Chad Scott 3. Caleb Harris 4. Wesley Alberson 5. Kevin Hopkins 6. Alan Longmire 7. Brian Dougherty 8. Pieter-Paul Derks 9. Joshua States 10. Dan Rice 11. James Fuller
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