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  1. Yep, I was planning on mowing the yard yesterday. I got some weedeating done, but it was like breathing soup! I think I'll wait a few days till the humidity drops.
  2. Basically yes. You'll understand once you do it. The scratches from the previous grit will show up better and show where you need to keep polishing. Dont change grit or direction until the lower grit scratches are gone.
  3. And don't forget you change the direction at each grit change. First in line with the blade, then at a 45 degree angle. It'll show any left over scratches as you go.
  4. Polishing with stones takes experience. Keeping a piece perfectly flat over it's length while polishing is very difficult. Mess up just one spot and you have a visible mark. Instead, clamp the blade at the tang and use wet sandpaper. If you use the search feature here you can see what smiths suggest for bringing out a hamon.
  5. It will have to go through polishing again. First though, I have to ask the age of the sword? If its an antique, I wouldn't re polish it, that would ruin the value of the blade.
  6. Yep, remember that burl is a mixture of hard and soft wood in a confusing tangle. The soft spots will absorb more than the hard spots, so you keep applying your finish till the soft spots are "filled up".
  7. Is it just me or do I hear the dreaded "tink" right at the end?
  8. a great rule of thumb is to not grind the edge any thinner than a dime. This seems to be an all-around good thickness to resist warping. I tend to grind just a bit thicker, but don't go any thinner.
  9. I live about halfway up the escarpment in mcminnville so we start getting cold around the middle of October. Though I do remember one Halloween where it was only 19 degrees lol.
  10. My squash and zucchini got hit by borer beetles. I need to start planting them later in the year after the bugs have moved on. But instead I pulled up the dead and dying plants, harvested what veggies there were, then planted two types of watermelon, sugar baby and congo. There should be just enough time left in my season to get one or two melons lol. Perks of living in the south, it'll stay warm till at least October.
  11. You might try putting down a couple layers of horse stall matting as well, below the pine boards and floor, that should absorb a lot of vibration. Yeah, 3 inches is too thin in my opinion...but unless you plan on knocking out your floor section and pouring 2 feet of concrete you'll have to live with it lol.
  12. Very nice!!! I really like the multi-use of it. The only thing I would do different is something like a heavy turk's knot towards the pommel so that he could be sure of pulling it out of the pig. That's the one thing you don't want to go wrong lol! That point looks sharp enough to go through a car door!!
  13. Put some lugs on that and the boars won't stand a chance!!
  14. Lol. The abound in the hills I come from. Tasty but best left to kill mice and rats.
  15. You don't have to use your kitchen oven. Many people, me included use a second-hand toaster oven! Just fill a tray with sand to help stabilize the rise and fall of the temperature and you'll be fine. Can you temper with a block, sure but like Joshua said, if you don't know what you're doing, you'll overshoot and get a soft blade, or undershoot and have an uneven temper with soft and hard spots that will eventually cause fatigue.
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