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  1. Should I start with something like this? http://www.harborfreight.com/1-in-x-30-in-belt-sander-60543.html
  2. Honestly, I really couldn't make my own grinder. Are you sure a belt sander won't work? Noise isn't a problem.
  3. I only have a few more questions to go. Firstly, where can I find an anvil? Or what can I use in place of one? Secondly, would a belt sander work as a grinder or should I have both? Lastly, what kind of metal should I use to make some of my first blades?
  4. So if I want to use the most basic two brick forge Its just like two semicircles cut into the edge of each? Or is there something else require with 2 bricks?
  5. So a two brick forge just allows me to make a hole thats bigger than an inch in diameter? Is there anything else different from a one brick forge?
  6. If I should start out cheap shouldn't I start with like a one brick forge? From what I've seen It works pretty well and the stuff is easy to get,
  7. Hmm after some lurking around I came across a forge I think I might want to use. I should try doing a one brick forge. Maybe I'll try a two brick forge not sure.
  8. Do you need to use special kinds of bricks? Would it be possible to use just normal bricks?
  9. Yeah when I first started looking into bladesmithing I noticed it requires patience. I have some level of patience but it definitely isn't a strength of mine. Patience is a good quality to have, I was hoping to develop it by doing bladesmithing since I find it interesting anyways. Since last night I've been reading more of Wayne Goddards book. I think I might try to make his, my only concern is where I can find the right materials. Also, I want to make sure I build it properly (which I might need help with).
  10. Honestly, I'd just like to get the simplest gas forge I can get. My funds are somewhat limited and I'd rather just start off with something small and easy to build for my first forge. I've seen some videos of really small and simple forges and I'd like to know how to make some of those.
  11. Hmm I guess you are right. Is there a way to just make a small forge for some basic knives? Nothing too fancy or complicated, just a small gas forge that'll get the job done for a beginner.
  12. My main concern with a gas forge is if something going wrong and it ends up in some sort of explosion. After watching some video's I see a lot of people use those blowtorch type things for their homemade forges. I just want to make sure im handling everything properly and that I dont screw something up. This is really my first time doing stuff like this so I feel like the chance of me messing something up is higher. I dont know really,
  13. Is there any way at all I could use a forge that isn't a gas forge? How to the other forges work, and do they work just as good?
  14. Like I said in the title, I have little to no experience in this field, but this stuff really interests me and I'd like to start doing it. So I have the book Wayne Goddard's 50$ Knife Shop and I'd like to see if I could get a small workplace going with 100-120$ if possible. I have next to nothing at the moment, I have a workbench and a vise and that's about it. I need to know what tools are necessary, how to make or where to buy a good forge, and all that. I've asked this somewhere else and someone recommended this belt sander http://www.harborfreight.com/1-in-x-30-in-belt-sander-60543.html .
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