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  1. There are studies that suggest PRP is effective and studies that indicate they are no better than other treatments. They are definitely more expensive. My personal bias leans toward a cortisone injection. I think it is just as good and a whole lot cheaper. If it works, here is a link to a discussion on the topic. Make sure you read to the end where they acknowledge studies that do not support PRP's efficacy. https://www.sports-health.com/treatment/regenerative-medicine/are-prp-injections-effective
  2. A friend who loves working on cars gave me a bunch of disk brake rotors. I found they make a great base for stands. Below is a link to a video and a couple of photos.
  3. Lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) is a partial tearing at or near the attachment of the forearm extensors onto the lateral epicondyle of the distal humerus. Like any injury it is treated with rest until it heals, usually 2 to 6 weeks. Then a gradual increase in load is undertaken. During the rest period light exercise, to the point of no or very mild pain, is good. This is active range of motion with no or light load. Most of us ignore it until we can no longer tolerate the pain. This results in a much longer recovery. Going to an orthopaedic surgeon does not mean you are looking at surgery. Most will recommend one or more if the following: rest, NSAIDS, PT, tennis elbow straps, cortisone injection, and as a very last resort, surgery. Rest is the best treatment. None of the above treatments gives predictable results. As noted above, it can take 6 months to a year for chronic cases to resolve.
  4. I've never used them, but this place says they sharpen files. https://boggstool.com
  5. I think Travis Wuertz's TW-90 is as good a grinder as you can buy. It is more expensive but it is a quality machine and very versatile. Here is a link to his sight: https://traviswuertz.com/
  6. I have been using a 20' extension cord I made with 10 gage copper with the black rubber insulation for years for my belt grinder and 2 hp table saw. I have a 20 foot extension cord I use for my 50 amp welder. It is made of 6 gage copper wire. I would ask an electrician what wire size you would need for 75 feet, but if you don't mind spending the money, it should work fine. If it is a three prong plug, the third prong is a ground wire. the main consideration is how you plan to run it. If it is on the ground, there is a big safety consideration. If you plan to leave it in place you should run it through conduit. You should unplug it when not in use.
  7. I believe the formula posted above by Brian may be incorrect. The attached photo shows what I believe to be the correct formula for fuller depth, h.
  8. I think I'll pass on the saw blade. Cutting it up with an abrasive disk would not be fun!
  9. Clifford, my guesstimate is it ways about 75#. The last time I bought scrap mild steel it was 49 cents a pound. Based on that it is over priced!
  10. No doubt it's like talking politics and religion! In the end it's each to his own.
  11. Gary, for a serious knife maker I would agree. I have only forged a few blades. None of which are good enough to sell. Maybe one day. I think mystery steel has a place for beginners and hobbyists who are learning.
  12. He's asking $100. He may take less. If it turned out to be good steel, it'd be a life time supply for me. It's about the equivalent of a plate 33X33X1/4.
  13. If I decide to look at I'll test it. Thanks Zeb
  14. Thanks Allen. Here is a photo of the teeth. They look ground into the blade.
  15. Someone is selling this roughly 42" diameter saw blade that is about 1/4" thick. Any ideas what it would be made of? Is the whole blade likely high carbon steel or just the teeth.
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