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  1. I've never used them, but this place says they sharpen files. https://boggstool.com
  2. I think Travis Wuertz's TW-90 is as good a grinder as you can buy. It is more expensive but it is a quality machine and very versatile. Here is a link to his sight: https://traviswuertz.com/
  3. I have been using a 20' extension cord I made with 10 gage copper with the black rubber insulation for years for my belt grinder and 2 hp table saw. I have a 20 foot extension cord I use for my 50 amp welder. It is made of 6 gage copper wire. I would ask an electrician what wire size you would need for 75 feet, but if you don't mind spending the money, it should work fine. If it is a three prong plug, the third prong is a ground wire. the main consideration is how you plan to run it. If it is on the ground, there is a big safety consideration. If you pla
  4. I believe the formula posted above by Brian may be incorrect. The attached photo shows what I believe to be the correct formula for fuller depth, h.
  5. I think I'll pass on the saw blade. Cutting it up with an abrasive disk would not be fun!
  6. Clifford, my guesstimate is it ways about 75#. The last time I bought scrap mild steel it was 49 cents a pound. Based on that it is over priced!
  7. No doubt it's like talking politics and religion! In the end it's each to his own.
  8. Gary, for a serious knife maker I would agree. I have only forged a few blades. None of which are good enough to sell. Maybe one day. I think mystery steel has a place for beginners and hobbyists who are learning.
  9. He's asking $100. He may take less. If it turned out to be good steel, it'd be a life time supply for me. It's about the equivalent of a plate 33X33X1/4.
  10. If I decide to look at I'll test it. Thanks Zeb
  11. Thanks Allen. Here is a photo of the teeth. They look ground into the blade.
  12. Someone is selling this roughly 42" diameter saw blade that is about 1/4" thick. Any ideas what it would be made of? Is the whole blade likely high carbon steel or just the teeth.
  13. I am not good at freehand sharpening. I got a wicked edge sharpener. It is easy to use and works great. Below is a link to their sight and a link to their forum. https://wickededgeusa.com/ https://knife.wickededgeusa.com/
  14. I made a stand with a hoist. It makes repositioning the block a lot easier.
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