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  1. Hahah! Wait until you see the vernier calipers! ...That's what I'd like to say anyway, but the nonie scale has me quite stumped. And getting the layout to harmonize with the construction would be ALOT more difficult. So it'll stay as a thought experiment a while longer I'd guess. But it would be so cool to have matching measuring instruments But I love your idea of the cabinet makers chest. I've been going around with similar thoughts myself. To replicate one of my great-grandfathers toolchests, but with a personal twist. Would be such an educational experience! And thanks everyone for the kind words. But I actually don't think I'm insane, I just got some odd quirks in my mentality. And one of the voices in my head got bad breath and slight OCD. ;D //Daniel
  2. Thanks alot Richard, that means a lot coming from a craftsman as skilled as you :-). Your forgings give me the same feeling.. Thanks Mr Craft! I just did a transfer from a laser printer. BUT, if I would do it again I would actually step it out by hand. I am quite certain I can reach higher precision that way. Like you said, every hair your off, throws off the end mark with an incredible amount. But that can be used to your advantage :). As a treat, here is a few WIP-pictures. The last one, features the conture-lines I cut around all inlays. With a strand of hair as a reference for the size. Picture was taken at 20x
  3. Hello again! Had a thin piece of pattern welded steel that was up to no good, so I figured I'd set it straight. Not much else to be said, did some silver inlay for every fifth millimeter, and the numbers and grades in between are all copper for better contrast. Lightly etched and then waxed. Presto! Hope you all like it
  4. Thanks Jonathan and everyone else :D! Actually, the brass has very little brass in it. But significant amounts of gold ;D I use a Lindsay Classic myself and I can only give it good reviews. Tried both Enset and GRS (and a super-wonky Turkish copy of a Lindsay, but that's a different story). But I still feel the Lindsay is like the Rolls Royce. Hope you get one also :), they are beautifully done and really useful.
  5. I am so sorry Alan, I really don't want to be the wiseass :(. But welding stainless is no problem with smaw/electrode welders :). Aluminium can also be welded with for example meltolit electrodes. But I don't think it's very common. Never x-rayed any smaw joints in aluminium. Electrode welders are often the jack-of-all-trades. Almost anything can be stick welded, but depending on what you are doing, quite a large amount of skill might be needed. For example, welding 44,5x2mm tubing with electrodes require quite a lot of delicate heat control if you want the joint to pass X-ray. A general tip when buying welding machines. It is better to buy an older/used professional machine than buy a new one for the same price. At least at our side of the puddle, there is a huge difference between cheap welding machines and "real" ones. //Daniel
  6. Engraving a couple of new steel tags for another Roger Bergh and SaraMi axe. And noticed that this part of the forum has been quiet for a while.. Hope this will liven it up a bit
  7. Nice work! Really like the elegant line of the blade.
  8. Gotto be honest, can't see it :D. But I do have partial colour blindness in a the blue-green spectra. Could it maybe be reflections from the sky? We photographed both at the same day and we did it outside that time.
  9. That was a truly beautiful dagger! The grind of the blade is fantastic, I love the effect the ridge has on the pattern welded steel. And the inlays in the handle was a stroke of genius. Well done, thanks a lot for sharing with us!
  10. Thanks for all the nice comments guys! Pardon my lacking english, but I don't understand which coloration you mean? //Daq
  11. Thanks a lot folks for the kind comments, that is really nice of you Got some more engraving projects in the pipeline I hope I can share with you all soon
  12. Very cool project! Really well done! Truly inspirational, gives me an itch to engrave a hilt
  13. And here's some of the engravings I've done for Roger Bergh and SaraMi Liljeholm. Only done the engraving on the pictures below, the rest is done by the masters mentioned above
  14. Picture bonanza! Long time no see, haven't been active on any forums lately. And not very active in the workshop either :). But here's a few kitchen knives and a couple of simple hunting knives I've turned out recently. Instead of wasting time talking about them, here's the pictures. Hope you all enjoy em! //DAQ
  15. Just in case anyone is still interested, I'm willing to bet quite a lot that the the blade showed in the original post was made by using damascus from Matthias Styrefors. For mosaic damascus, Styrefors, Johan Gustafsson and above all, the legendary Conny Persson is the top blokes in Sweden. Unfortunatly Perssons and Styrefors webpages are not updated very well. but if anyone is interested, some high quality photos of their work is floating around the net. //DAQ
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