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  1. thanks much all! i really appreciate the deep, philosophical, and thought provoking comments and encouragement! @VaughnT, the rawhide was quite clear originally....and there is some kusune (Pine resin glue) on the wood/bone key to level the transition between the two, so i roughed up the rawhide to provide some tooth for the leather wrapping and thought it would be enough to make it opaque, but the kusune still showed through so i added the hornet paper and then wished i had not roughed up the center of the rawhide at all so the patterns of the paper would be easier to see through the
  2. so much fun! would love to see a growing database with these percentages for lookup!
  3. our current charcoal kiln is based on iwasaki~san's miniature japanese kiln: iwasaki-sumiyaki.com/esub2.htm having his calculations for the opening sizes in the firebox, firewall, and flue helped minimize the oxygen and maximize the efficiency...and its dead easy to operate compared to some of our previous retort methods...keep a small fire burning in the combustion chamber, watch the steamy white smoke, when it changes to blue/clear burn for 5 more minutes to allow the temperature rise, then seal it up for the night...here are some of the details/differences of ours: islandblacksmith.ca/how-
  4. this supplier was recommended to me by an experienced urushi artist as a good source outside of japan...and they take paypal...will know in a couple weeks if there are any issues at the border! http://www1.odn.ne.jp/j-lacquer/home_eng.html
  5. nice to see you here @Mr. Kelso! @Tyler Miller: i am a fan of water casting...second to the reduction atmosphere while heating, it also helps greatly with the oxygen absorption (which copper is notorious for)...keep us posted on the results!
  6. yep, second that: no pressure treated wood should ever be burnt...doesn't take much arsenic to ruin your day and then some...
  7. here's an example in the wild: http://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?showtopic=28357
  8. the certificate looks a little "jsl"...as in not native japanese...my more intelligent half says there are some kanji in there that are chinese, not used in japan...also it is unusual for a japanese craftsman or cutlery company not to have pride in their location...i don't see a place of creation or headquarters on there...and a single craftsman would never make an entire sword in japan...its usually about 6-8 different trades working together...unless that is just the smith under "craftsman"...i will let @Hector Velez fill in the other details as to materials and so on if you are interested..
  9. besides the main function of heat masking, i always say the three goals for the clay mixture are: to get it to stick, to keep it from shrinking as it dries, and to keep it from expanding as it heats... the clay will take care of the sticking, the ground stone/sand/ceramic will take care of the shrinking, and the powdered charcoal will help with heat expansion and insulation i apply the clay after filing/drawfiling, i don't use wire, and i try to let it sit overnight or at least hang above the forge to dry while i work...and yes on the smaller and evenly sized charcoal too...if you have t
  10. a couple of thoughts on the tendonitis... one is that a career blacksmith told me that a lighter anvil used on a daily basis will give you elbow issues within a year or less, he recommended shop anvils not be under 200 for full time work...so make sure yours is strapped down, bolted to the floor, or weighted as much as possible...a hundred pound anvil moves significantly with every blow and could possibly contribute to your troubles... another is that for most blacksmithing work, your arm and the hammer should do the work rather than the forearm and wrist...just something to be aware of next
  11. recently MEXT has added several english subtitled versions to their craftsman videos (look in the descriptions for links), lots to check out in this playlist:
  12. Wow, so great to find so many specific recipes! i really enjoy working with these materials...the feel, scent, and the results are quite pleasing. Similar recipes are used in the Japanese tradition for three main purposes...as an engraver's pitch to hold pieces being worked on with chisels (tagane/uchidashi), as a filler/glue for positioning and fixing metal fittings on the wood handle, and as a fix to keep the silk cord wrapping the handle from shifting... the first two are heated to use/activate, the latter is blended to the right consistency for the current season and applied with
  13. not sure who needs this info or i would email it directly... when large images (eg 1170px wide) are linked/embedded in posts, they are allowed to remain full size even if it means they overflow their containers (ie, the thread viewing boxes) i fixed this with a workaround on my recent post by adding style code to each of the offending images, giving them some css to limit their max-width to 100%, making them respect the size of the site as it is resized... but a single line of fairly standard boilerplate code somewhere in the site could mean the issue never shows up for anyone a
  14. A project long in the works, recently came together and I thought it would make a good walk through and introduction to my process and current stage on the journey. Materials: Reclaimed tool steel, wrought iron dock chain, copper fuse bar, mineralized cow bone, hand tanned buckskin, deer rawhide, hornet paper, Yellow Cedar, bamboo, sokui, kusune ...apologies for the length, I tend to do things the hard way 「(゚ペ) エットォ… "The difficulty was the inside, how to get the irregular and largely hollow interior (of the bone) to solidly engage with the tang of a blade, without using epoxy to
  15. a palm leaf with a nod to the land of the rising sun...crisp.
  16. wow, you have been working hard lately! a beautiful piece of steel!
  17. very nice to see his setup! and a fuigo on the right! ...anyone know where those nice big bags of charcoal are coming from? i assume he must be making it, or is someone producing akamatsu no sumi down there?
  18. nice overall feel...bonus points for busting out some shibuichi...and some kebori to go with it!
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