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  1. wow, very cool! ...your wall of "journey", you mean!
  2. ...yes, i have only ever seen hot removal of the blooms, by kera-oshi tatara operators and by smiths doing oroshigane in forges or dedicated standalone furnaces. here is an article from @pierre which hints at some interesting developments in the archeological "tatara wars": soulsmithing.com/index.php/2009/10/home-made-steel-a-week-at-manabe-sumihiras-zuku-oshi-tatara ...until then!
  3. DaveJ


    the hamon is nicely proportioned to the blade and the turnback is good...
  4. that is a wonderful looking stone wheel! very nice! ..here we have beautiful patterns of iron sand where the creek comes out contrasting with the lighter beach sand...i could do a whole photo essay on it!
  5. beautiful looking stuff, lots of work, lots of potential...keep it up!
  6. mmm...persimmon! persimmon juice is used as a waterproofing in traditional japanese paper floor mats and for strengthening in paper for separating gold layers as they are pounded into leaf... you have been hard at work since i last checked in on this thread, lots of learning, lots of progress! that certainly looks like a sculpture to me...
  7. ...and a follow-up, this is the mounted sister blade (the one forged in the video above...has an even more intense and crusty hada) the texture in the urushi lacquer finish comes from the crushed iron oxide left in reacted/used up kairo (japanese hand warmer packets)...the urushi reacts with the iron oxide to turn it from red-brown to black islandblacksmith.ca/2015/03/kuromatsu-aikuchi-tanto/ "One of the elements of traditional Japanese aesthetics includes the appreciation for the natural process of wear and decay. Historically, this led to the creation of new items that appeared to be ag
  8. i like the "ice crystal" or "frost pattern" look of that fossil blade...also reminds me quite a bit of dazzle camouflage... that first blade has a lovely form, right through the tang...great lines! ...going to check out your website if i can find it...
  9. ...and a lovely piece of mesquite!
  10. ..and a very cool sheath!
  11. lovely fusion work...this is a very promising direction for you! copper dot inlay is a good touch and i always appreciate japanese style takedown, useful on any knife...dancing along the lines of tanto/bowie is an area i have pondered much and is on the long term list for sure! (some research indicates the original/first bowie had a lot of lines and measurements in common with tanto) ...it also just occurred to me that without the ito, and with some kind of medallion/menuki, it would be a very steampunk "era" looking piece...there's a whole new untapped client list for that genre done sub
  12. thank you, all! sorry, i inadvertently stripped out the video code yesterday when i added the blade photo...fixed now. honto ni arigatou, kelso~san, mada mada desu...more to come!
  13. thanks, all!...a little closer up, this is a heavy vinegar and hot water etch, something i don't normally do, but for this project, the blade is all about contrasting the "blistery" texture of this old handmade steel with the smooth urushi surface...at some point i will try to document the hamon without all the reflections...see the photo i added to the original post for the view of the boshi and "monouchi" part of the hamon... one at a more reasonable distance: ...and for you wood connoisseurs, sitting on a piece of mukwa aka lunda aka mukula wood.
  14. I don't often have enough footage to follow right on through, but this project gets close...there are a couple of exceptions, the main one being the blade forging which is actually footage of the sister blade, forged around the same time from the other half of the same spring, to a similar kata...others will be noted as i go...enjoy 100 some hours in 22 minutes ^__^ This style of koshirae is a first for me. Though there are examples of several variations right up through Edo and beyond, the lines on this one are inspired by a muromachi piece, the clean, austere "boldness with restraint" makes
  15. nice lines, great piece of wood...a lovely piece of work!
  16. well said, @Mr. Kelso...we carry on individually together (...feathers in the stream ^__^ )
  17. @scott, nice! i am about warmed up and ready to start making pieces from my little shear steel stash...
  18. the path is good and welcome...where else you gonna go, @scott (^_~)
  19. so very beautiful! thanks for linking to it from your feather dagger thread! きれい!
  20. how is this project going? nice looking "classical tanto tip" shape, starting with a kata is great. you might want to taper the tang profiles a bit to help with your handle carving: http://islandblacksmith.ca/tag/tanto-geometry/
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