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  1. Hello, this summer I went to Quebec City with my grandparents. Before I left my mom gave me a metal detector so I could go metal detecting on the Plains of Abraham. I kept all finds except for the one beside the phone, I gave that one to the Canadian Government in hopes of finding what it was. They said they would get back to me in a few weeks but nope they didnt. Later in the Day I went to a Museum beside the Cheateau Frontenac and I saw a model "Ring bomb" It looked similar but I will never know for sure. Oh well. But luckily i kept the rest!
  2. Ok thanks for all the help. Once my anvil arrives and I get everything all settled in I shall come back
  3. For 1084 what width and and thickness should i get?
  4. http://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/nature-39-s-grilling-gourmet-hardwood-wood-charcoal-blend-0851486p.html#.UuiOd_ko7RY Like this stuff?
  5. And these are the only options I am finding at my Lowes, any suggestions on which one? http://www.lowes.ca/bbq-accessories/true-cue-4kg-lump-charcoal_g1476884.html http://www.lowes.ca/bbq-accessories/char-broil-18lb-bag-of-hickory-wood-chunks_g1451785.html http://www.lowes.ca/bbq-accessories/royal-oak-star-grill-8kg-lump-charcoal_g1434337.html
  6. When I do order the 5160 how thick, long, and wide should i get it? http://newjerseysteelbaron.com/shop/5160/ There is the link
  7. I am a beginner here and i just ordered my first 55lbs anvil and a 3 pound hammer, but was wondering about where to buy steel from, what kind of steel (hand rolled, cold what does it all mean?) and if you can buy railroad spikes online (just to fart around with) I live outside of Toronto in Brampton. Also any tips for me that you guys could share? Also i found a forge making video online and the guy was having good results, but I was wondering if BBQ charcoal would work?
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