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  1. Thanks guys, I appreciate the expertise!
  2. Hey all, Kind of a specific question: I've been running my propane forge out-of-doors in an alleyway underneath some lighting fixtures, and the light bulbs have been going bad more frequently than the others that I am farther away from. There is at least 5 feet between the bulbs and the top of the forge. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue?
  3. Love the Nickel strip in there. Neat to see 3D printing being incorporated into this craft too.
  4. finished this guy up just recently. Handle is black walnut held in place with brass pins and coated with linseed oil. Blade is 5160 and 4.5 inches long. 9 1/4 overall.
  5. thanks guys! It's always nice to hear that you did a decent job at something.
  6. I have it polished down to 120 grit. Now I need to see about putting together a quenching set-up... And a sword forge....hmmm... In one of the photos you can see some ripples...
  7. Ah, thank you. I had forgotten, but went back and read back through. Thank you.
  8. No, You're fine! It's always good to get more information rather than to assume.
  9. I haven't weighed it on an accurate scale, closest I could get was "below three pounds." It's not exactly something I could walk into the post office and plop down on the scale. =P The blade is 33.5 inches long, though, and quite wide.
  10. Really it took so long because of my robotics team. Our competition gives us six weeks to build a 120 pound robot, so for the past six weeks life has really been pretty busy. but we're done with the build now, so I've got some more time on my hands again. =) As I recall the blade is a little under 3 pounds. I think this is sound advice, and if I'll get warping either way, Id much rather try to straighten a thinner blade. Thanks guys!
  11. So a bit of an update. I've gotten all of the scale inclusions out of the blade. It's all smooth and straight. However, I have a concern. I'm worried that the sword is still too thick at the spine. How thick is a sword normally going into the quench? This sword tapers from 7.5mm at the base to 4mm at the swell. I feel like this is too thick, but I don't want to make it too thin and then have it go crazy during the quench.
  12. Definitely like the brass better than the steel. Has more flair and it draws the eye because of the color. Nice work!
  13. What is the purpose of the little ring on the blade-side of the guard? I understand that this is a historical piece, but it seems rather....extraneous.
  14. I'm not sure I'm still doing a fuller. I want to, but I'm not sure how to best go about doing it. I remember seeing a post a while back about making fuller scrapers, but when I tried to make one it didn't really work. I might have made the cutter too big. But if I can I think I want two smaller fullers either side of the ridge.
  15. Ah! I'd never really thought of that but now that you mention it it make a lot of sense! Thanks! This is what makes sites like this awesome.
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