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  1. I actually cast it as a single solid piece as that's how the original i based it on was cast. It's a slightly scaled-up version of the Segerstad sword in Vastergotland Sweden (about 3300 years old).
  2. So, I'm really into pre-christian European mythologies, I wore a Mjolnir pendant in Afghanistan when I was in the army, I've cast a bronze sword, and right now I'm working on a bearded axe, a monosteel seax, and two monosteel versions of the aforementioned bronze sword. Can I get some fiery hair instead of a beard? Yanno, seeings how I'm a girl and all...
  3. I watched a youtube video of a guy using a 6" contact wheel to grind a wide fuller on a viking blade and he said he had done mathematical calculations to determine that was the size to use. I'm planning on making primarily viking and migration period swords, maybe some more narrow fullered euro blades, but I'm not sure what size contact wheel to get. Does anyone here who forges viking and other euro blades have suggestions for contact wheel size?
  4. I'm just getting started in bladesmithing but I've given a lot of thought to my maker's mark. Two fancy looking fehu runes, one turned backward for symmetry. Feral Forge.
  5. This is one of the coolest projects I've seen in a while! Thanks for posting your process photos!
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