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  1. This is the guy I'm putting in the forge I'm making right now. As long as you have access to pipe fittings it should be simple and won't break the bank. Have no idea what might be better but it is functional. There are several other designs floating around on youtube and other sites, and some of the more experienced members here will no doubt weigh in.
  2. How'd you go about tempering this beast?
  3. Better than my first, that's certain.
  4. Looks great, glad it worked out the second time.
  5. https://www.etsy.com/listing/486149591/purpleheart-explorer?ref=listings_manager_grid 10.5" of O1 steel, some purpleheart, and leather. Sold.
  6. Slashed (heh) the price to $175.
  7. Nice! I am not concerned about cost; as I said, I was curious.
  8. Pretty cool. I'm curious, how does the cost of all that epoxy stack up against more conventional materials?
  9. Looks like something you'd find in a sealed crypt, like the scabbard broke down but was still intact enough to leave most of the blade surface untarnished. Iconic piece, to say the least.
  10. What is says on the tin; Given a mildly distressed patina. Asking $200, but feel free to pm an offer. https://www.etsy.com/listing/480226391/o1-and-birdseye-maple-with-patina
  11. Mistake in stitching, rough spots near the base of the blade. Asking $120. https://www.etsy.com/listing/477208179/camp-knife-ziricote-and-1095-discounted
  12. Though you wouldn't be able to tell looking at my activity here, I haven't been slacking off. This was actually what I would call my first completed knife. Ebony, coat hanger pins, 1080 steel. Pretty rough. After the previous, I wanted to work with 1095 and Bocote. So I did. Got most of the way through polishing, dropped it onto some wood, and the tip bent. It didn't achieve hardness, and the scales were already on. (Keen observers may notice I said I was polishing after the scales were attached; don't worry, we'll get to that problem.) Stil
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