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  1. I had an intern recently that was fond of saying "Neato Dorito", and somehow that is all that comes to my mind right now... You said you filled the tree with 2% nickel powder. Does that mean you mixed 1084 powder with 2% nickel powder? That's what I had assumed, but I didn't expect the tree to really come out that bright.
  2. A one-fingered salute mind you... I put the snow tires on my car over the weekend. This pic was just barely 24 hours later. I've been too busy lately to pay attention to the rest of the world, and didn't know this storm was coming. Good thing I didn't wait another day. This car is fine in the snow with dedicated tires, but it's a hand-full with the summer tires. It was 60F and sunny when I was working on the tires, and in the pic it was 15F and 3" of snow. I know this is trivial in terms of winter weather, but I'm grumpy because I'm not acclimated yet.
  3. You make it sound like aluminum
  4. Dude! I"m playing catch-up here, but that carving! I wasn't expecting that, and now I too feel really inadequate
  5. Looking good! As Indiana Jones said, "It's not the years, it's the mileage". I know a few little bastards I'd like to use that on.
  6. Yeah, what they said, that is "just right". Is it heading for a reenactors belt?
  7. Wow, I get busy and stop paying attention for a couple of days while Gary goes all Mr. Miyagi on us! Very inspiring. Now I have to go practice... ...right hand wax on, left hand wax off... ...wax on ...wax off
  8. Thank you for your continued efforts to keep the forum running Niels!
  9. Or, is it just me having security warning issues?
  10. I think I just heard @Jeremy Blohm start his truck... (...and I live 4 hours south of him!)
  11. Thanks Alan, makes perfect sense
  12. What line are you seeing? (I'm trying to lean, and not being a smartalec) I see a groove around the circumference, but would have assumed that was some sort of wear if I ran into it in the wild.
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