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  1. Brian Dougherty

    Keeping etched blades "black"

    I think it looks sharp. Other than when I am trying to take pics of knives, I have found that my taste has evolved to appreciate the subtle pattern over the really high contrast. I like it when the blade looks normal across the room other than maybe a bit of shimmer. Then when you get closer you see the pattern and think "Holy Cow!" The problem is that I can't ever make it look as cool in a picture as it does in person...
  2. Brian Dougherty

    My first knife

    Looks like a good start. Is that back edge sarp as well? Pretty ambitions first knife if so. You can still bump the one plunge line back a bit to bring it even with the other if you want. So , lets have some more details. Size, steel type, handle plans, etc... Have you heat treated it yet?
  3. Brian Dougherty

    (Puukko) Understanding stick tang designs

    The Puukko shows a wide variation in form, however, most "Traditional" forms I have seen do not have a ricasso or plunge line. The bevels (all 4 of them) continue into the handle. There are a few folks on here that are true experts on the puukko form, perhaps they will chime in. I've only made one, and I cheated by filing a small relief in the tang so that there was a little step behind the blade that the handle buted up to. This helped cover the transition to the handle.
  4. Brian Dougherty

    Rare artifact of the kingdom of Norssex, via Gallifrey

    Hmm, my brain was tired before your tale and has since packed up and gone home so I have nothing left with which to craft a worthy response. All I can say is Bravo Alan!
  5. Brian Dougherty

    W-2 Rounds

    I am as ignorant as you Charles, but I am hoping someone answers you.
  6. Brian Dougherty

    My life.......

    Amazing sunset. How far from the coast are you?
  7. Brian Dougherty

    multi bar mosaic Damascus Dirk

    Jeepers! Over the top once again Matt!
  8. Brian Dougherty


    Wow, that is an awful thick stack to draw out by hand.
  9. Brian Dougherty

    Steel for Anvil Shaped Objects (ASOs)

    I think you just volunteered to pick up people's orders and store them until they wander through your neck of the woods
  10. Brian Dougherty

    Latest Construction Photos and a Request for Aid

    With that sandy soil down there, I'm not surprised about needing another ground rod. On the bright side, it should be easy to drive in. (Until you hit the coral bedrock) Keep punching, you'll make it.
  11. Brian Dougherty

    feather damascus?

    I know precisely diddly squat about who pioneered, discovered, or re-discovered what, but would help out in this endeavor if there is grunt work to be done.
  12. Brian Dougherty

    Any Suggestions I'm stuck....

    OK, now you guys are scaring even me. The first rule of blown burners to to always make sure the fan is on before the gas. Many people actually interlock the gas valve so that it can't open if there isn't power to the fan. I'm assuming petrol in Namibia is the same as gasoline here in the US. It is a very dangerous way to start any sort of fire. Every year we have a lot of people go to the hospital, or burn down a structure because they tried to start a fire with gasoline.
  13. Brian Dougherty

    Any Suggestions I'm stuck....

    Take all the time you need to get comfortable with it. I'm sure it will be fine, but being stressed over the possibility of an accident actually increases the risk. There is no shame in waiting for backup the first time you light it.
  14. This is the guy I mentioned above. Yeah, the HF ASO is not as ideal as most things, but this guy makes it work. Since you have one, you might as well use it. Look around the 25 minute mark.
  15. Brian Dougherty

    your prayers have been answered

    Cool! 5"x5" seems like a pretty good work area to me. I hope they move quickly for you guys.