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  1. I agree. I don't see why you couldn't use it for a while and adjust later.
  2. I hadn't even considered how fragile the tang space would be in investment form. Thanks for the lesson
  3. OK, wait a minute... You are making a basket hilt to put on a blade your father made that is a recreation of a distant ancestors sword in a museum? That is cool in so many dimensions! If we are ever in the same place together, the first dram is on me.
  4. What you have there is a 100-year old anvil that is still brand new. Amazing dumpster find... You'll never need a better anvil. Check that off the list. (Well, you'll want one, but never need one )
  5. Looks like you've got good fabrication skills. It also looks like you are well on your way to a good forge. Take my opinion for what it is worth, but 3 burners is a lot for a 17" long forge, and is not at all budget friendly in the amount of gas it would consume. I think 2 burners would give you plenty of heat. Also, others on here have voiced opinions that the bell reducer flares are not particularly useful in a forge application. I believe it is because the transition through the insulation of the forge does all the work of the flare. That transition needs to be t
  6. That is pretty cool, and no I haven't seen anyone do this with pure silver. You may have started something
  7. Looks like a good start to canister welding. My MIG welding skill is poor enough that I don't actively leave an air hole in my canisters. There just always is one
  8. My experience with the ones that cost less than a few thousand US dollars is that they simply do not work with anything that is emitting visible light. Much of my real job is in test and measurement. I've tried these things in hopes of cheap solutions a number of times. Most recently trying to read the temp of a ceramic part at 1400-1800f. The values we got with a ~$500 unit were off by 100% or more.
  9. I haven't been very active at the forge for the last year, so I thought I'd give myself a kick in the pants by doing a WIP for my KITH entry this year. I've learned that unzipping the preverbal fly in front of the all-mighty interweb seems to motivate me to do my best work. Having never played with wrought iron before, let alone welding a piece of high carbon steel to it, I thought I'd do a simple wood chisel. Everyone needs a good 1" chisel, right? I started with a piece of 3/4" square wrought That I ordered from a guy up in Canada. I was advised to forge it mostly
  10. Looking forward to this Alan I'll be at the Carnegie if anyone wants to do a whisky tasting after party one evening...
  11. Hmm, I think I need to up my game a bit... ...at least I wasn't eating cold pizza.
  12. This has been an educational thread Alan. Thanks. One of may ancestors perhaps
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