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  1. Given the fascination that exists for traditional Japanese woodworking, there must be the equivalent of Roy Underhill in that subculture.
  2. Thanks Rob. I like your "Hobbit" project better I haven't taken the final pics yet. Stay tuned...
  3. I posted this elsewhere, but since you asked: This is an oak core (no "Genuine HIckory" available ) wrapped with a single layer of cotton string. The risers are pieces of leather cord. You can see more details in the WIP I'm doing in the 2020 KITH folder. https://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?/topic/40326-mystery-project-for-2020/ The biggest trick seemed to be the order of operations. Per Peter's tutorial, I dyed a piece of 1oz goatskin that had been cut to size and skived on both long edges. I skived the visible or outer edge down to
  4. Congrats John. I've been wondering about your recovery efforts lately, but have been afraid to ask how they are going.
  5. Yeah, I couldn't pry the $650 out of my wallet this spring for something to just try my hand at engraving. I was also feeling a bit nationalistic at the time and felt guilty buying something imported. I tried making a few cuts using a normal vise, and quickly realized how difficult using a fixed vise makes everything so I out my gravers aside for a while. I've seen some nice homebrew versions, but time has been short for that sort of thing. I'm looking forward to watching your progress. Some engraved runes would go well with your blade style
  6. Nice. You are one step ahead of me on that road, but I hope to be following someday soon. What vise did you buy? Those things are quite pricey...
  7. I like the copper pins mirroring your touch mark. They should look great as patina makes them stand out from the brass.
  8. They have them with the leather craft goods in my local store. SKU 328120 https://www.hobbylobby.com/Crafts-Hobbies/Leather-Crafting/Tools-Finishes/Wool-Daubers/p/151988
  9. If you have a Hobby Lobby in your area, they sell the swabs in a small package. I use them when I have them, but am frequently out of them and resort to rags, paper towels, q-tips, make-up removal pads, or whatever else is handy. Old cotton t-shirts work well.
  10. I just struggled through my first true leather wrapped grip. It actually goes much easier that it sounds, and was actually quite enjoyable. Following Peter's tutorial that Alan linked made it easy. I used some 1oz veg tanned goatskin with hide glue, and it worked out pretty well.
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