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  1. Oddly enough, we were working on a breast tool. The udder was not at all what I expected one to look like. It was basically a 30lb lump of fat covered in suede. I sliced it up into usable sample coupons on my bandsaw at home. For years, on hot summer days, that saw smelled like a cow.
  2. Stunning work. I like how you accentuated the gasket with the fringe. I also love how the faceting of the bowl is mirrored in the haft.
  3. Let me know if that falls through. There are a lot of people in my area that raise their own beef, and I can probably get ahold of a tail with a little asking around. My real job has centered around designing surgical tools for that last couple of decades. We will use some strange animal parts as an analog for bench testing during development. I have yet to shock a butcher with any of my requests. My wife, however, still tells the story about opening up our home freezer only to find a cow udder...
  4. Step 1: Read this account of a guy moving his shop across country http://www.twistedknotwoodshop.com/moving.htm Step 2: Do everything the opposite way! This guy loaded up 10 tons of woodworking machinery in an old school bus and hauled it across the mountains. Twice. He's also a good story teller.
  5. This caught my attention. Is it easier to smelt Fe2O3 than Fe3O4? (Probably a remedial question, but I stay out of the bloomery sub forum because I can't afford a divorce) (seriously)
  6. To be honest, if it were mine I'd probably try to patch it with some 2-part urethane. I'd wrap a band clamp around the wheel with a piece of card stock around the gap to create an even/fair former for the patch. If you find something of a similar density it will stay balanced, and if you can get the transition smooth, it would still be usable. Until the patch flew out in your face... Of course, I am on the same continent as Suncoat Wheels, so getting a new wheel if my high risk plan flopped would be a bit easier for me. I'd be a little less cavalier in your neck of the woods.
  7. I see this bird storm at work every year about this time for a few weeks. Makes me want an umbrella when I walk in from the parking lot. This went on for quite a while before I decided to go out to record some of it. https://youtu.be/WyOwCYBs2Rg
  8. We've machined rubber at work after putting in our environmental chamber set to -78C. It machines like metal until it warms up. I've never tried it at the warmer home freezer temps. I'd be a little worried about the glue that holds the rubber on the wheel. It may come loose if you get it too cold.
  9. Dang. I'm not the tripping type, but I imagine that watching some of those animations while under the influence of some hallucinogens would be pretty wild. I love your stuff Niels.
  10. A lot of the 3M filters have a particle filter before the chemical scrubbing media. You might get lucky and find one that does both. In my part of the world, the media is color coded and a purple stripe on the cartridge indicates it includes a particle filter. (IIRC) I'm hesitant to give uninformed advice on protecting your lungs, but I think even an organic solvent cartridge would be better than nothing. If nothing else, it keeps the cigarette out of your mouth for a little while
  11. It rubs me the wrong way to buy switches from McMaster, but they have one: https://www.mcmaster.com/toggle-switches/position-designation~on-off/number-of-terminals~4/switching-current~20a/switching-voltage~250v-ac/
  12. it's the 20A/250VAC part that will be hard. 10A/250VAC is much more common. I thought I'd have a lay-up solution for you, but my quick searches bombed. I'll poke around a bit if I get some time later today. Does it have a classic silver colored steel toggle switch , or does it have a special actuator that I need to be aware of?
  13. Shhh! Some of us get to make a living because everyone is afraid of the electrical wizard juice!
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