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  1. Well, I guess you can call that bitter-sweet That little ridge near the spine on the back half of the blade may indicate that there was already a crack there. Otherwise I'd say you just hadn't paid your annual dues to the quench god for the year.
  2. Thanks Bill and Jaron, if my daughter sees this, I'll end up with another project to do Seriously cool dice though!
  3. Very cool! I dig the scales. Made from a round rasp?
  4. Wow, that is stunning. Now if you only knew someone who could fab up a copper companion piece for it
  5. I got a package yesterday too I'll be a leather working maniac now.
  6. If you have succumbed er I mean subscribed to Prime, the Nova Viking Sword episode with Ric can be purchased for a couple of bucks. Amazon has to have wondered why I have streamed that so many times
  7. It's been over a week since anyone has added anything, so it seems like we are done. If anyone has any objections, speak before 5:00 EDST (GMT-5 hours) today. Otherwise Alan, I would say you can initiate the drawing ceremony FWIW, I'm not used to submitting the runt of the litter in these things. Y'all made some great stuff this year.
  8. I'll add that Danish oil will not keep wood from absorbing moisture. It is just a fact of life that wood handles on a kitchen knife are going to move to some degree. I see some movement with commercially stabilized wood as well.
  9. interesting. That ~3% is in line with cured sausage making. I guess that makes sense at that is also a curing/fermenting process.
  10. Wow! This has changed my opinion on bollock daggers
  11. So a guy at work dropped off this box yesterday. I may have to try this fermented chili paste thing. I gather from what you've posted it is just the chilies and garlic to taste, and then ferment the same way you would pickles? I'll have to go look up the process again
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