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  1. Brian Dougherty

    Damascus razor

  2. Brian Dougherty

    KITH 2019 sign up

    Forming your own sovereign entity are we?
  3. Brian Dougherty

    Early medieval spear ... about 50 cm long

    Wow, that video is so cool. Your shop looks like something from a movie set! It sort of screams "magic happens here"
  4. Brian Dougherty

    Good inexpensive wood rasp set?

    Which one do you want, good or inexpensive? Sorry, I couldn't resist I'll actually be watching this as I am interested in picking up some quality rasps, although I don't expect them to be cheap.
  5. Brian Dougherty

    Design for a boning knife

    Thanks for the Aaron. I haven't made the knife yet as I have had other projects that were more motivating. However, I will get back to this in the fall when I start making sausage again. The last couple of shoulders I took apart, I used an old 6" fillet knife I inherited from my dad. It worked pretty well, but has a very narrow blade. I'll probably make something similar, but with a bit more width.
  6. Brian Dougherty

    Stock removal class.

    @Joshua States. Are those any easier to use than the hardness file kits? I've tried a set of the files, but find that they are harder to interpret than I expected. I should actually order a set of Mathew's chisels for no other reason than to repay him for what he has shared on here...
  7. Brian Dougherty

    Stock removal class.

    There have been a few times where I started the final hand sanding process and quickly realized that the blade needed to go back in the tempering oven. I don't have a great way to measure hardness, but 15 deg-F can make a big difference in how well the rhynowet cuts.
  8. Brian Dougherty

    First knife finally finished

    I agree with what the others have said. It's a solid first attempt. I like the design concept. It could use a second pin, but you may be on to something with a little edc knife of that shape. The fit and finish will improve with time as long as you push yourself to make some aspect better with each knife.
  9. Brian Dougherty

    Fit for a Riverboat Gambler?

    Another home run Gary. Thanks for sharing the build in the WIP. I know I'm not the only one who learns a lot from your posts.
  10. Brian Dougherty

    Culver Inspired (Copied) Slipjoint

    Thanks Gary, I wouldn't mind making more folders. It fits my machinist mentality. Once I fumble my way through this one, I may finally sit down and and design my own.
  11. Brian Dougherty

    Culver Inspired (Copied) Slipjoint

    I made a little more progress on this over the weekend. I'd provide more commentary, but I don't really know what I am doing I'm pretty much just following along with Culver's examples. The next steps are to locate the 2nd pin for the spring, and drill the liners for it. Then I need to attach the bolsters, and start adjusting the length of the spring and the profile of the tang to get the blade position correct at all 3 stops. There is a bit of a weld flaw on the spine, but it is very shallow and will get ground out once I put in some distal taper.
  12. Brian Dougherty

    Damascus Kitchen Carver

    Wow, I'm glad the pics came through. That is pretty striking!
  13. Brian Dougherty

    Don't weld in tennis shoes

    OK, we all know not to do this one, but I'll share my moment of poor judgement to reinforce the point. I was just welding a handle onto a stack that I was going to forge weld up. I was wearing some old sneakers, and figured it was too much trouble to change into my boots. A glob of metal went right through the top of the shoe: Then through the top of my sock: Magically it went between my toes, and thorough the bottom of the sock: Clean through... Fortunately, the bead wasn't any bigger than a piece of bird shot. It still had enough energy to burn a 1/4" spot on the bottom of my foot.
  14. Brian Dougherty

    Designing a New Project

    I can't get this canoe concept out my head now. It presents a lot of options that are mind stretching. I'm not sure I needed that in my life right now It's interesting that the pattern at the vertex of the "V" where the tiles butt together flows so seamlessly.
  15. Brian Dougherty

    Designing a New Project

    Yeah, those notches are a win