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  1. The delay time will not change the result appreciably. It does, however, come with some risk of the blade cracking all by itself. Some materials have been known to break spontaneously on the bench while waiting to go into the temper oven. It sucks when that happens, so you will often hear people advise to get into the temper as quickly as possible. Also, tempering is part of heat treating. What you are referring to as "heat treat" you probably mean to call the quench.
  2. It's got the full width ledge fore and aft of the feet that I associate with Peter Wright, but I don't know much about identifying anvils.
  3. OK, so strictly speaking, the bloom from the tatara contains tamahagane as well as a lot of other material. Every time I see a documentary showing the old guy running the traditional tatara in Japan, I come away with the impression that a relatively small percentage of the bloom is the "good stuff". Is that correct?
  4. I could use some education here as I may have this backwards: I understood tamahagane to be the bloom that comes out of the tatara. However, I also understood the bloom to be quite inconsistent with a wide range of carbon content ranging from very low to nearly cast iron. My thinking was that the smith took the relatively poor material from the bloom and refined it at the forge to make it an an acceptable material for the application. All of the refining (folding) creates the hada pattern, but more importantly it evens out and reduces the carbon content to a level app
  5. +1 ...and you didn't even push the deadline into December!
  6. That pommel is quite the piece of work!
  7. Lol, I've had that sort of thing happen a few times. I'm a mile off of I70 and it's frustrating to think about how close a package got to me on its way by...
  8. Those bell reducers have a vicious streak a mile wide.
  9. I have found that there is an enormous (very scientific and quantifiable term) difference in how long it takes to sand something that is up around C62 as opposed around 58-59. You can feel the difference in how the paper bites into the steel. On more than one occasion I've started hand sanding and upon feeling how little bite the paper was getting, I threw the piece back in the oven a tempered a few degrees hotter.
  10. Nice entries this year! I'm sorry that I got distracted by some other things and never got going on this one.
  11. I've been known to reheat a slice of pizza on my forge body...
  12. My experience with things like this is that it is usually a bit disappointing when/if you find out the real reason. Generally the reason is much more simple than what we hypothesize. My money is on tradition. It is just darned convenient to have hot water around, so why change a good thing.
  13. Nice John. She's definitely stout
  14. My thoughts were along the lines of Joshua's. Between services like Venmo, and the fact that most web service hosting companies will provide an ecommerce solution for you, I think you can probably flip PayPal the bird and move on. I'm not sure who does your hosting, but as I understand it, square space will provide the ecommerce tools and take care of the credit card transaction. I'm not a fan of anti-trust laws, but it seems like ebay requiring that you use paypal, which is another product of theirs, is a violation of them.
  15. The rose is great, but that entire knife... ...holy crap!
  16. Anvil prices vary greatly with location, and that one is is pretty bad shape. Around my parts it would probably be in the $50-75 range, and even that much would probably require finding a relatively uneducated buyer. Sorry if that isn't what you were hoping for. Someone else may disagree with me @Alan Longmire what would cause the plate to "Extrude" over the edge like this?
  17. It's about the right size and shape for a barber's hone, but I don't think I've ever seen one backed like that. Is that a notch in the yellow that goes all the way across? If so. I'd bet it is a barber's hone that cracked so somebody bonded it to a backer to keep using it.
  18. Yeah, I agree. That's pretty cool.
  19. Well, there are a great many options that you have. Congrats on getting this far, but it might be a good time to hit the pause button and design/decide on your target pattern. It is a real bummer when you are shooting from the hip at the forge, and realize that you've just forged something down too thin to create the pattern you want. I've made that mistake quite a few times Most of my W's end up as a mosaic, but accordion cuts yield similar results. Mosaics are a little riskier, but the accordion cuts produce a lot of waste material. (You can make some neat mosaics out of th
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