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    Culver Inspired (Copied) Slipjoint

    I was going to wait until I got past the quench to start my 2019 KITH WIP, but seeing as how today is apparently the 5th anniversary of me joining the forum, I thought I should do something... ...So here goes I watched a demo on designing and making slip-joint folders by Steve Culver at the Central States Hammer In last fall. While I was there I bought Steve's book on the subject, and I have decided to just blindly follow along with his procedure for my KITH contribution. The engineer in me wants to go off and blaze a new path to glory, but since this is my first folder, I decided to cool my jets and do what my elders told me to for once. (OK, Steve probably isn't that much older than me, but he certainly knows more) I had a piece of pattern welded material left over from a recent project that was ~1.5" wide and ~0.25" thick. It had a few weld flaws in it, but I thought I could draw out enough material to get a blade and spring out of it. The first step was to draw this out to a piece ~1" wide by about 0.125" thick. I don't have a surface grinder, but I know someone who does, so I cut off a piece of this and ground it to about 0.100" thick. You can see where some weld flaws were still following me... I did a quick test etch so I could try to line up the blade in a way that both missed the weld flaws, and maximized the interesting part of the pattern. The hole was drilled for a string to hold the bar in my FeCl tank. (I drilled it through a trouble spot) I copied the pattern page out of Steve's book, but enlarged it by 25% to get a blade length of 3". I cut out the paper dolls, and super-glued them to the bar. Before glueing down the yellow patterns, I used pieces made from tracing paper so I could see the steel below. Once I like the position, I marked the edges and glued down the yellow paper pieces. I saturated the paper with the super-glue in hopes that it would waterproof the pattern. Sure enough, I was able to dunk the pieces in the water while profile grinding without losing the paper pattern. The next step was to drill and then ream the holes for the pivot and the pins. I hope I enjoy making folding knives because I splurged $40 on a couple of solid carbide reamers... Then it was just a matter of cutting them out. I don't have a bandsaw that will work for this, so I used a combination of a angle grinder and the belt grinder to get them to shape. I've hand-filed the critical bits around the tang per Steve's steps. However, I'll have some more close tolerance work to do with a file before I can call the blade done. That's all for now...
  2. Brian Dougherty

    How to- First Sharpening After Heat Treat

    Most people use a belt grinder for the final grind, hence the dime thickness rule of thumb. Even a cheap 1x30 would be better than trying to hand sand from 0.040" to a sharpenable edge. For smaller knives like that it would get you by.
  3. Brian Dougherty

    African Blackwood X 2

  4. Brian Dougherty

    Celtic Iron 3

    Oops, I certainly did not mean any insult! I only have respect and awe for what you can do!
  5. Brian Dougherty

    Recent lucky aquisition

    Sounds like Wisconsin I get up to Sheboygan every summer. It's a great place to spend the 4th of July, but we don't get up there in the winter.
  6. Brian Dougherty

    Recent lucky aquisition

    Nice haul! Are you anywhere near Mukwonago? I have family there.
  7. Brian Dougherty

    Amusing mental picture

    The problem with mental pictures is that they are still there even after you have stabbed your eyes out...
  8. Brian Dougherty

    Amusing mental picture

    There are times where I have to spend my day at work writing reports, proposals, or other mind numbing stuff. This is one of those days. Usually, I fire up Pandora and have some music playing while I type. Thanks to this group, I discovered the Viking Metal genre a couple of years ago. To steal a catch phrase from an online Whisky community I am a part of "You magnificent bastards!" Now picture this: A middle aged executive, sitting behind two computer monitors with a sport coat hanging of the back of his chair. Papers strewn across the desk, with a MontBlanc 149 sitting uncapped on a notepad. An adjoining office with a relatively conservative administrative professional keeping the place running smoothly... ...and the gentle sound of Ensiferum wafting through her door.
  9. Brian Dougherty

    Culver Inspired (Copied) Slipjoint

    Honestly, the three of us will learn more if we see how each other builds the same basic design than if we all did something different. I day the more the merrier!
  10. Brian Dougherty

    Completed Mosaic Bowie

    That's another great pattern Gary. I also really like the walrus accents on this one. I'm a fan of the nickel silver you often use, but the ivory really makes this one pop.
  11. Brian Dougherty

    Celtic Iron 3

    That is maybe the best thing I have heard all week! In american english slang, that means: Wykuwam stal z moim penisem I suspect you could actually do that Don't worry, your English is much better than my Polish. I love seeing your work, and am impressed by what you can do by forging.
  12. Brian Dougherty

    Little Edc WIP

    Use a scrap of leather as a pad between the fingers and the paper. It does a good job of keeping your fingerprints intact. You'll probably want to use a hard backer block rather than leather for much of your sanding so that the bevel stays nice and flat. However, you can still hold that backer block with leather
  13. Yeah, "wicked" suits it Nicely done, and welcome aboard!
  14. Brian Dougherty

    Frame Handled Fighter (been some time since I posted)

    Wow, that is smokin' I've wanted to try some rust bluing for a long time now. (Much longer than I have been making knives) Would you care to elaborate on your process?
  15. Brian Dougherty

    Best solder to color-match carbon steel?

    Alan, what flux do you like to use with Tix?
  16. Brian Dougherty

    Mokume Gane

    This link will take you to a forum that isn't everyone's cup-o-tea, but the mokume section has some great info. It helped me the first time through the process: https://www.iforgeiron.com/forum/130-mokume-gane/
  17. Brian Dougherty

    Mystery Steel

    I'd bet it is something more like 4140 or 12L14 if it feels mushy when grinding. However, and this is the thing about mystery steel, your guess is absolutely as good as mine
  18. Brian Dougherty

    Shalom from the Rebbe

    Welcome This is by far the best place on the interweb with respect to both content and temperament. My college fencing coach was a rabbi. He used to kick my butt up and down the strip until I couldn't stand anymore, then regale me with some sort of history lesson while I caught my breath. He was the definition of "Teacher" (and we all loved him for it)
  19. Brian Dougherty

    A pair of commissions

    Bummer Sometimes you get the bear, but sometimes the bear takes a dump in your living room first. Quench oil does have a life expectancy. However, I can't tell you how likely it is that you would have worn yours out. It could be that it will last forever for the average knife maker. Hopefully this is just a flock of flukes that came home to rest, but if you see this more and more, it might be time to change the oil.
  20. Brian Dougherty

    Father and sons

    Nice set. I bet they will be treasured family pieces. Is the wood local to you?
  21. Brian Dougherty

    Anyone use a 6" x 48" belt sander?

    Except every great once-in-a-while it does something truly amazing when your friends aren't watching. Then you spend all afternoon trying to get it to do it again...
  22. Brian Dougherty

    new life for an old Bodkin

    Ahh, so the arrow point was named after another device. I should have realized that... Still a really kickin' bit of carving!
  23. Brian Dougherty

    My hydraulic press plans

    My god man, didn't you just have back surgery? You do like to play with heavy things...
  24. Brian Dougherty

    Anyone use a 6" x 48" belt sander?

    I wouldn't kick that out of my shop, and I can see more of your floor in that single pic than I can in my entire shop
  25. Brian Dougherty

    Anvil identification

    Is the steel plate on the OP anvil really stepped at the heel, or is that just the way the light is hitting the side?