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  1. Definitely showing a lot of progress! BTW, I wish I had a birds-eye face on my anvil
  2. Really good scale on the pattern. I'm learning that it takes thought and effort to get the size of the smaller details in the pattern to be right relative to the size of the blade.
  3. Wow, that sample flower looks really good. If a realistic glint is part of the goal, you're going to need something clear like that. Remember that not all epoxy is the same. Different types of epoxy are designed to stick to different types of materials. Surface prep plays a big role in how well even a well chosen epoxy sticks. A clean surface with a little bit of "Tooth" is usually what you want.
  4. well, that is pretty hard-core. It looks like they worked well.
  5. Damn Dave, you've got me tearing up too. Very powerful tribute. I lost my dad a few years ago, and I have often thought about how much he would enjoy some of the projects I have taken on since. In a small way I understand some of the emotion you felt in doing this.
  6. Doooh! Not sure how I messed that up. Being an idiot and not reading the instructions carefully probably isn't helping my situation any
  7. Thanks Jerrod. I made a few of the blade blanks, and will try another one once I have the foil. If you are curious about the structure of the steel, I could send you a cut-off to look at. (Don't do it for me, but I'm happy to mail out a piece if you would like to satisfy your own curiosity.) I'll have to re-think my quench when I use the foil. I can't imagine I can dunk the whole pouch in oil. A lot of folks plate quench it foil and all, but I don't see how the edge will get cooled very quickly that way. (Assuming the bevels are already roughed in) I may have to get some big gloves so I can cut open the pouch and get the blade out quickly. Making my own pattern welded steel is much easier than all this (Much prettier too!)
  8. Used the last piece of the double helix bar I made a couple of months ago. I'll have to do this pattern again. (If I can )
  9. I'm wondering if 2 hours was overkill. It's what the datasheet says, but the folks over on the tacti-cool forums that lust after super steels seem to all soak for around 30 minutes. Old school tool steels all have heat treating regiments that are a bit off for blades because of the thin cross section. Maybe this is the same? I assumed that S35VN is mostly for blade use, so didn't think to question the soak time.
  10. OK, so I bought some of the S35VN to goof around with just to see what was what, and my first attempt at heat treating was a complete failure! I made a small (~2.5") folder blade just as a test piece. After the soak at the Austenitizing temp, all I had left was a flaky pile of what looked like scale. The pile barely had enough structural integrity left to held together when I picked it up out of the oven. I didn't have any heat treating foil at the time, so I thought I would try without it. However, I have a hard time believing that even without foil the blade would have oxidized 100% through. I have foil ordered, but I'm wondering if I missed something else. After rough grinding, I followed the data sheet from Crucible exactly: 1. Stress relieve by heating to 1200F and holding for 2 hours before cooling is still air. (this seemed to go fine) 2. Preheated at 1550F until equalized (Seemed OK at this point, but I was just peeking in the oven so I can't be sure) 3. Ramp up to 1950F and hold for 2 hours (At this point, the blade had become a pile of flaky scale) 4. Quench - I didn't get this far Any thoughts? FWIW, I am exploring this more for my own amusement than anything else. I'm not sold on this as a stainless option for folders, it was just an easy steel for me to get to play with. DataSheet S35VNrev12010.pdf
  11. Nice work! I've gotten addicted to making folders recently, but haven't tried a multi-blade yet. That is quite a step up from a single blade. I'm also dependent on optivisors. I still have 20/15 vision, but it starts about 3 feet from my face Once you get used to the short depth of field of the optivisors, they are a life changer.
  12. I think so. He had some videos up of it running. Drool....
  13. Nico, You live in the same town that I do. Which school do you go to? Science fair was my life when I was middle/high school, and I have done a bit of judging over the years. I have some left over bits of damascus that I could give you if that would help with your experiment. I also have a small oven that you could come over an use if you want to do something with grain growth. Best... -Brian
  14. I had an intern recently that was fond of saying "Neato Dorito", and somehow that is all that comes to my mind right now... You said you filled the tree with 2% nickel powder. Does that mean you mixed 1084 powder with 2% nickel powder? That's what I had assumed, but I didn't expect the tree to really come out that bright.
  15. A one-fingered salute mind you... I put the snow tires on my car over the weekend. This pic was just barely 24 hours later. I've been too busy lately to pay attention to the rest of the world, and didn't know this storm was coming. Good thing I didn't wait another day. This car is fine in the snow with dedicated tires, but it's a hand-full with the summer tires. It was 60F and sunny when I was working on the tires, and in the pic it was 15F and 3" of snow. I know this is trivial in terms of winter weather, but I'm grumpy because I'm not acclimated yet.
  16. You make it sound like aluminum
  17. Dude! I"m playing catch-up here, but that carving! I wasn't expecting that, and now I too feel really inadequate
  18. Looking good! As Indiana Jones said, "It's not the years, it's the mileage". I know a few little bastards I'd like to use that on.
  19. Yeah, what they said, that is "just right". Is it heading for a reenactors belt?
  20. Wow, I get busy and stop paying attention for a couple of days while Gary goes all Mr. Miyagi on us! Very inspiring. Now I have to go practice... ...right hand wax on, left hand wax off... ...wax on ...wax off
  21. Thank you for your continued efforts to keep the forum running Niels!
  22. Or, is it just me having security warning issues?
  23. I think I just heard @Jeremy Blohm start his truck... (...and I live 4 hours south of him!)
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