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  1. It varies greatly from one model of burner to the next, and with forge design. You'll probably have to figure it out by trial and error, but if you post some info about your forge, you may get lucky with someone having a similar setup. Welcome aboard!
  2. Interesting. Can you pour around something like that cold, or does it need to be preheated?
  3. Cool! It almost needs a yellow "Type R" sticker...
  4. Yep, you can do this I'll hold your beer while you do!
  5. I have no affiliation with this, but I don't see these pop up in this area very often so I thought I would share. It might be interesting to someone in the Indy, Louisville, Cincinnati kind of region. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3038862049559153
  6. I'm not sure I would be in a hurry to make the coating thicker. I got a little carried away with the castable on my last forge project, and the thing takes forever to heat up now. 1/4" would probably serve you well.
  7. Good luck my friend. That is one evil I have never had to fight, but only because so many people I know were fighting it that I learned to stay away.
  8. this may shed some light: https://www.kshs.org/kansapedia/coronado-sword/10342
  9. Well, at least that was on the intake. It would have smelled interesting had MR. Weasel left the innards on the exhaust manifold
  10. I almost never touch a handle with a buffer anymore. After sanding the blade, hand sanding the handle bits seems to go very quickly, and I can keep my nicely defined edges. The buffer seems to smear the shape too badly. (I may just be bad at buffing!)
  11. Heh, I never thought to use one of those woodworking clamps. I have a few of those lying around I never use anymore...
  12. There is a lot to like there. How do you compress the handle materials while the epoxy sets? (I'm assuming these are epoxied)
  13. To add on to Alan's suggestions, most water heaters have a rather thin sheet metal jacket around the tank. That would be pretty easy to cut a smaller section out of, and roll into a smaller diameter shell for your wool liner.
  14. Wow, that is a mesmerizing piece. Do I sense another of your fantastic video series in the works?
  15. Ahh, ok. It looked too uniform to be flashing, so I thought it was a feature
  16. @Jerrod Miller What is the little semi-circular protrusion for at the bottom in the concave space between the front and back feet?
  17. I do love old boats. Very nice (and large) project you have there. Good on you! How is she constructed? Looks planked from the outside, but the bilge pics look like fiberglass. Do you follow Leo of the Sampson Boat Co. on youtube?
  18. True leadership isn't just about making tough decisions. It's also about finding ways to inspire people to keep going when times are tough. -BCD
  19. I'll dissent a little here. IMHO it is a cost benefit decision. Pros for using box store steel: Low Cost (possibly), easy to aquire Pros for using something that can be heat treated: You can also practice heat treating, you get to test and understand grind geometries, you may end up with something usable I have been known to practice new grinding techniques on thin strips of wood so I am not opposed to grinding scrap as a way to learn. However, I think you need to look at what box store metal costs as opposed to buying some 1075 from a knife steel supplier
  20. I have an el-cheapo one I use to run a model steam engine. I think it would do pretty good a running a misting system.
  21. It may be a regional thing, but the powdered "PH Minus" in my area is sodium bisulfate ( NaHSO4) not HCl. I'll push back on the ferric chloride (FeCl3) a bit as well. You can make it from HCl and iron oxide, but it is no longer HCl. I can't do the stoichiometry anymore, but if you mix hydrochloric, Iron and oxygen you get ferric chloride and water The hydrochloric is consumed in the reaction and chemically changed to the new materials. I'll happily defer to your experience on the polish level though
  22. Sorry to hear that Joël. Good on you for being brave enough to make the change. Another shop space will come along soon.
  23. I used either a 22gpm or 16 gpm 2-stage pump that I got from the surplus center. I can't remember which. I have it mounted to a 16hp gasoline engine. It works quite well with my twin 4" cylinder press. It is plenty fast enough. It's actually too fast at times and I have to run with the engine throttled back. My particular pump shows no lag at all when it switches to the high pressure mode. I can see if I still have the model number somewhere if you want. I seem to remember that it was less than $200 new.
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