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  1. I'm a fan of pattern welding, but that stainless one really stands out because it is so crisp and clean looking. Nice work!
  2. If kitchen knife violence is that big of an issue, just make everyone eat baby food. No cutting necessary outside of tightly controlled government run food processing plants.
  3. I've been working on a second slip-joint, and decided to try a bit of filework on the spring Here is the blade for it...
  4. Nice! You guys who do the bloomery work are hard-core.
  5. Hmm, all I see is a damn good knife maker showing off. That is essentially quilting with steel...
  6. Good job dude, you've worked hard to get there.
  7. Wow, that looks like it welded up very cleanly.
  8. Congratulations! (...and it's a very nice ring)
  9. They are pretty much the same process, but one results in a paper, and the other does not necessarily have to. Generally, drawing out refers to reducing in cross section to make something longer but uniform in cross section. Drawing out a taper is the same thing, but results in a taper as well.
  10. Thank you for the thoughtful comments Steven. Most of your comments I am in agreement, but one caught me by surprise. The blade is 0.100" thick which I was thinking was a bit too thick for a knife this size. I'm wondering if the scale didn't come through in the pics very well, or if you do indeed think that is too thick. Best...
  11. Asi' es la vida Thanks for all you do for us Niels!
  12. I'd do that outside if I were to try it, even with the right PPE. I once left an open container of muriatic acid in my shop for a few days at room temp. When I came back to it every steel surface in my shop had a thin layer of rust on it.
  13. Thanks for the accolades guys, I really do appreciate it. I need a pat on the back just as much as the next guy. This knife isn't really stellar, however, and the reason I posted it in this subforum was to get some constructive feedback. Maybe it'll help if I start 1. Something is wrong with the nail nick. It's a bit poorly formed, but there is something else. At first I thought is was too far forward, but now I think that it may be just too short. 2. I like nickel silver for bolsters, but didn't want to use it for the pivot pin since it wouldn't wear well. The resulting pivot pin being visible in the bolsters really screams at me. I don't know if it will work, but my next one will use a pivot bushing, and I'll try to lock it in place with a nickel silver pin of the same alloy as the bolster material. Other than that I may have to resort to stainless bolsters which I won't enjoy as much. 3. The peening on the handle pins is pretty bad. Again, I truly appreciate the support and admiration.
  14. That looks like it will be plenty worthy to me keep the pics coming!
  15. Hmm, a collection of all original forgeries. Seems like an oxymoron, but you probably saw more than a few of those in the military. They look as inspiring as ever. Did you finally get your new shop up and running at 100%?
  16. I can't help much with gladius construction details, but I wanted to also throw in my welcome and say that it looks like you are off to a great start, and that we'll all be glad to see your WIP. The guys who know the historical details on these will be along soon with input.
  17. The black smudges on the food with 1095 stop after the first few uses. (At least they have in my experience)
  18. Thanks everyone. I'm pretty chuffed at how it came out, but it's funny how much I overlook a the flaws on my first attempt at anything. If my next one doesn't come out much better, I'll be pretty sour. @Gerhard Gerber, I didn't have an assembly jig, but it seemed like it took 5 hand plus a helper monkey to hold everything when I peened the pins. That is one place that a jig would have been nice, but I'm not sure what it would look like since every knife is likely to be different. If I make many more of these, I'll build one of the fixtures to measure the total lift of the spring (slipjoint guys have a name for that fixture, but it escapes me), but using calipers works well enough for making one at a time.
  19. That's busy alright. It would take me 2 years to finish that many knives.
  20. Very nice! It's good to hear from you again
  21. Ha! Hardly flawless, but thanks for the ego boost
  22. This is a bit of a cross post, but not everyone hangs out in the KITH section, and I would like some feedback on how to improve my technique on this one. I made a slip-joint for my KITH contribution this year. The WIP can be found here: Here are a few finished pics. Please critique away
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