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  1. Would the el-cheapo rolling mills out there roll down bronze to the range necessary for pins? I'm sure they are not very good, but it doesn't seem like pin stock needs to be all that precise since most of us peen it over anyway. I have that same issue as the op but with a different alloy
  2. A knife like that, well made, should easily be worth $300. Fwiw, I see a few small fit and finish issues, but I don't think you are far off of that value now. If this is your 6th knife, you should be able to ask more than that soon. $9/hr is not a living wage, but you will also get faster as you get better. Welcome to the knife maker's paradox. Most of us can't afford to buy what we make
  3. I'll let the others comment on how stable the wood will be. However I just pm'd you about stabilizing. Hit me up if you want.
  4. Hate that. I have a handful of orphaned blades and springs waiting for me to make a new match.
  5. I'm 5 minutes away from a TSC store as I type this. I'll have to check that out.
  6. Cool! I have at Thing for turtles That guy has been around for a while.
  7. I never even considered that!
  8. Well, I don't know where you are exactly, but you can't be too far from either Talisker or Torabhaig
  9. Well, that is neat and different. Interesting brown color you got. It almost looks like copper, or even like it is still hot enough to glow slightly.
  10. Well, that idea will certainly give me something to "chew" on for a while...
  11. Cool! Do you think it was compressing down on the 3" dimension with the squaring dies that gave you the tighter pattern between the stripes and the more open pattern in the triangles?
  12. Cool, but I have to ask about the fresh ground pepper?!?
  13. My last kerosene can came with the same nozzle
  14. This post is for my US brothers and sisters. Has anyone found a gas can they like? A few years ago I started seeing these spring loaded nozzles on all the cans. I'm sure they were designed to appease some lawyer, but the darn thing are a nightmare. I can't fill a single piece of my equipment with them without spilling gas all over the place. Does anyone make just a plain old honest gas can anymore? I need a 5 gallon, and a 2.5 gallon. Hopefully you folks in countries where it's called petrol, or have fewer than one lawyer per 100 people don't have this problem.
  15. I keep coming back to look at this one. Very nice!
  16. Ok teach, I follow what you've done so far, and am trying to visualize the pattern you are going for. Eager to see how close I get
  17. I got a little lucky with this one. The plan was to do a 3 or 4 row canoe weld with a little over 20 tiles to make a billet for a chef's knife. I welded up a nice pretty canoe, and got all my tiles fitted nicely. I also added some 1095 powder to fill out the open spaces on the Tang end. Then I welded up the can all nice and tight and proceeded to the forge. I got my forge as hot as I could, and let it soak for a long time. Then I started lightly squishing it in from the edges. I only got a few passes in before my canoe failed. Fortunately, inside was a very nicely welded bar. The only flaws I can see are at the very tip because I never got to try to hammer in on the angled sides as I had planned to. I pealed the can of easily, grabbed some tongs, and drew it out. It's waiting in vinegar for the night now. So, I either got lucky that it welded before the canoe failed, or lucky because the can came off without a fight, or both. In any case, I'll sacrifice a little stout to the forge fairy tonight!
  18. That is a pretty inspired piece. I really like both the idea and execution.
  19. Yep, the top one is my favorite too. Welcome aboard
  20. I'm curious to see what Jerrod thinks of this analogy, but here is how I think of it: A steel alloy is a solution of various ingredients all dissolved in the steel. What you would get by forge welding powders together would be more of a mixture or suspension of different particles in the steel, but not a true solution.
  21. I haven't been there yet, but really want to go. Thanks for the pics. I too would be most interested in the hot springs and vents. Spoken like a guy who prefers using coal
  22. Love the little bit of file work on the spacers!
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