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  1. I forged this from 3/4 inch 52100 round bar stock. I heat treat in my shop with three normalizing and two tempering cycles for a Rc hardness of 59. The handle is cocobolo, the blade is flat ground with a mat finish. $320 delivered to the US or Canada. Please feel free to contact me at gldrewknives@gmail.com
  2. I forged this one from 3/4 52100 round stock. Cocobolo handles, satin finish blade, overall length is 12inches. (please excuse the leather dye on my fingers, I haven't washed the dishes yet today.)
  3. Sorry, just saw that now. Fixed.
  4. It's been a while since I posted here but I thought this one was worth a look. Forged from 1/4 inch 52100 with a stabilized walnut handle. 13 3/4 inches long and fits the hand like an old glove.
  5. I am headed for a show this week end and completed these this week to top off the mix for my table. About 90% of my knives are forged (as opposed to stock removal) and the scrolls and twists are usually the most[popular with my customers. Both knives are forged from 52100 bar stock, heat treated in my shop to 58-60 Rc. attachment=54640:4-8-14_1.JPG]
  6. This one will go to a show with me in a couple of weeks hoping that some reenactment guy will have to have it. I forged this one from 5160 (my favorite large knife steel) leaving forged textures on the flats. The guard was forged from wrought iron that I salvaged from on old wagon tire and etched it to bring out the grain. The handle is stabilized and dyed figured ash which I "borrowed" from my neighbors wood pile. Thanks for looking, guys and feel free to comment.
  7. Nice! The raccons got all my plums last fall and I threatened to just cut the tree down. Now that I have seen what have done with the wood..........
  8. Thanks for the comments, guys. Here are a few more shots.
  9. I have been lunking on these forums for a few weeks and even though I am a little intimidated by a lot of the talent that I see here I thought I would post a shot of one of my more "blacksmithy" looking knives. I made this a few years ago from a round bar of 52100 steel which was the only way I could find to buy it at the time. I forged the handle to a square for the twist before making the butt loop and forging out the blade. I took the knife to a show where it got some attention but think it was a little over the top for most buyers in the group; it was mostly hunters and campers looking for
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