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  1. If I had the money, I'd buy this piece and several of your katanas on your website. Reading your book was one of the reasons I started on this path of Pattern Welded steel. Wishing you the best and best of luck!
  2. I began life as a fencer and practitioner of western martial arts. Moving to bladesmithing has only made me appreciate both sides of the equation all the more. And on that topic of appreciation I am VERY Grateful that the blades I have fenced with have not been sharpened!! But I must concur with both Geoff's points about how the model of a society would be almost binary in whether one was a sword maker or sword user, as well as Owen's point about our kinship with the blades. While we may be the ones that craft them, that understand what went into the process of making them inside and out - it is the sword master who truly makes it their own. One can almost liken it to us being the doctors that bring a child into this world, but it is the parents who better knows what comes after and the personality it develops. Just my two cents.
  3. A sunny day, cherry blossoms are in bloom, and axe and seax waiting to be born!

    1. Al Massey

      Al Massey

      You realise that some of us live on the East coast, right?

    2. Adam Kalloch

      Adam Kalloch

      Lol! Sorry Al, I just can't but be inspired by the flurries of petals. :P

  4. I'm right there with you Matt... I still have a couple lottery tickets I haven't checked yet - If I get enough that is definitely going to find a new home. Seriously though Robert. Fantastic work!
  5. Incredible work Robert. Your skill is growing rapidly!
  6. Stunning! I could wax poetical, but stunning is the right word.
  7. Great axes! I actually just made one following a style very similar to what you outlined in a video. Have a great time at the school!
  8. Beautiful lines on that Seax! Also love the leather you chose for the sheaths.
  9. My sympathies. The first time I ever got a clean hamon.. Ping. We all dread the sound. Good luck on the next one!
  10. Been doing so much hand hammering that my blisters have developed calluses! Oh for the love of a power hammer...

  11. Beautiful work! Those are some impressively clean lines Kevin!
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