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  1. i was asked to make one about a year ago, was not sure of the approach. maybe come spring, i`ll give it a shot
  2. i like it a lot. looks a wee bit front heavy, but like it.
  3. really like this style, the rib is nice. don`t forget the banana bread while tempering.
  4. have been following this thread for a while. love the swords, this is a sweet design. i like that you post your mistakes. i make many myself. i`ll be moving to Newfoundland in the near future, and there are places where the ore is literally under your feet. bog iron ore, the stuff the vikings used at L`anse au Meadows, 500 years before Columbus. you can pick it up off the ground. i am going to try this self smelting when i get there, thank you for the inspiration.
  5. thank you, and yes, i agree with you you about the more qualified people, and i feel humbled in a good way, if that makes sense. the wood isn`t oak, its got tropical characteristics, and if allowed to weather, will turn almost black. i imagine it will eventually turn black as well. extremely heavy wood, maybe twice as heavy as oak.
  6. thank you, and i have it up for sale, but not on this site.
  7. now a sheath, scrap new leather from wifes favourite craft store. they sell it by the bag. there is no belt loop added or slot for a belt as yet.
  8. very nice work. i`ve never tried a hamon and those look good. in regards to the gaps you filled with epoxy, you could make all the gaps even then fill them with molten pewter. once it is polished, it will eventually tarnish somewhat and contrast nicely with the polished steel. i`ve sold only two knives and about a dozen tomahawks. i like to think i pay myself about $25 hr, but i know it`s probably closer to $15 when i actually add it up.(this is avoided). i get more for the investment of time for a hawk, as mine generally only take about 3 to 6 hours whereas a knife can be days. you
  9. when it warms up a little here, i`ll give that a try. great tutorial, and like the descriptions you use. i`m a mostly a visual person, but can relate to what you`re saying.
  10. ok, that answers it. thank you. guess i`ll google that and how to do it.
  11. is there a way to make this from different copper and non ferrous alloys? and is this regularly done but called something else?
  12. thanks. tried it at work today, military mess hall. took down 18 full pork loins into centre cut chops(22 chops per loin). sharpened once at the start, and kept up with the other guy and his butcher knife who cut the other 18 loins. then cut 11 5lb cases of chicken into cubes. kind of hard on the wrist, as it is not a utility knife or butcher knife, but have to test the edge somehow. edge held all day, used it instead of my regular throw away work knife. the notch and smallish ricasso area are not sharp, and did stop my pork greasy hand hand from sliding to the blade. i did originally forge a
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