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  1. it's hard not to know you made it. you have a certain look and aesthetic that just screams WES! beautiful! -Gabriel
  2. Neighborhood Nerd Competes on FiF

    Man, Congratulations! I am starting to think that maybe, just maybe this site should turn into a guild of some type. I know I wouldn't be half the bladesmith I am now without it! Keep on keepin' on Gabe! -Gabriel
  3. Ashokan 2017

    Now that my murderous, backstabbing, organ has been dealt with, I hope to at least start posting more on here. Sorry I been away! Anybody miss me? -with every bullet so far I guess -Gabriel
  4. Ashokan 2017

    I won't be able to make it this year.... But I should be able to next! to much family stuff going on. -Gabriel
  5. Strange Etch Effect...What Gives

    btw... don't worry about "fluffy". I knew him, he "taught" me bladesmithing. He is all bark than bite. Besides, he tries anything with anyone on this forum just let me know. I will handle it. I know things he don't want me telling -Gabriel
  6. Damn... DAMN... That is slick! *thumbs up* -Gabriel
  7. Langes Messer

    Thank you!
  8. Making Your Own Bog Oak Axe Haft

    Eric, Thank you so much for posting this! I have been trying to do this, and just about gave up because I was doing this in a vacuum. Again Thank you, Gabriel
  9. Langes Messer

    Beautiful! one thing I can't wrap my head around is how the hilt is put on the blade. Could you please explain this? (I am working on my own Kreigmesser so any way you could help is greatly appreciated!) -Gabriel
  10. Seax WIP

    Did you hear that big thud? That was my jaw hitting the floor. I think it triggered an earthquake in China. We have no words in the English to describe this. -G
  11. Serpent-Spear

    Wow! Just wow John! Now you are really inspiring me to up my forge game.
  12. New guy who is a bow maker too

    Hiya and welcome! I have only made one bow myself... but knives are where it's at for me. yeah.... grinding is faster, but it doesn't teach the flats or angels easily. I would suggest getting stock very close to the size you need, or a little under. I have found many people when starting knife making overthink how big the piece needs to be. Then again.... this is my two cents. I look forward to seeing what you make! -Gabriel
  13. 2017 ABS JS knife of the year

    Matthew, Thank you so much for posting this. Meeting you at Ashokan was really a privilege, and honor for me (Hells... meeting everyone who was there was) and I don't mean to get mushy, but you were so gracious and kind with your time and support. Your enthusiasm for bladesmithing is inspiring, not to mention your generosity. OK, enough... Thanks so much! Gabriel
  14. 2017 ABS JS knife of the year

    Damnit Joshua! 3 of the 4 were my questions also... I would say great minds think alike... but my mind ain't so great and I dare not take a guess at yours . Matt, Really really wonderful piece. -Gabriel
  15. My take on a Brute

    Thanks Wes! Wish you could see the smile on my face from that comment! Coming from you, hell... all the smiths here, it really really means a lot. I often find myself doubting whether or not I could be or am a real bladesmith. But then I get to the forge and find myself making blades. -Gabriel