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  1. Here's a couple of shots I did of this hunter I made. W2 from Aldo.
  2. That means a lot to me. You know your work has inspired me for a long time now. I still don't feel anywhere close to the level many are here... but the encouragement from yourself and so many in this community makes a world of difference. Thank you.
  3. Yeah... he was really a narcissistic bully. Granted, I have met others in this craft who are more like him than they care to admit. But one thing is, this site has done more to educate and encourage me than Daniel ever did in my time with him. So for me it's all the smiths and makers here I really own my gratitude to. Community is stronger than an individual. Btw... I like the changes this site has gone through so I hope to be posting more. Looking forward to being in this community again.
  4. I have been away from the forum for a bit but I just wanted to pop in with some news. Many of you know of him as "Fluffy", but Daniel Watson has passed away. Some of you know that he was the first person to ever teach me the Art and Craft. I left for many reasons... if any of you have known him you most certainly understand why. But I find myself very mixed about this. I do believe though... whether you loved him or saw him for who he really was, he did make some good blades... and he certainly gave me a fire for this Art, even if that fire was all out of spite for him. Sometimes the worst things to happen to us in life can open up doors we never thought possible, and become something that drives us to change for the better.
  5. Dave,

    I was just looking over that spectacular single edged viking sword and a question popped in my head....

    What is your technique for making fullers?

    To me that is real magic right there. The lines are so crisp. How in Merlin's beard do you do it?

    1. Dave Stephens

      Dave Stephens

      Thanks bud. 

      Check out these links to posts I've made that explain how I do it.

      This is a really old post (from 2012) so the images are broken. Here's a link to the images.


      Also, here's a newer post describing my new and improved Z axis rest.


    2. grpaavola


      Thanks man!

      I have an AMK so not really sure how I will make it work.

      Research and development it is for me then!


  6. it's hard not to know you made it. you have a certain look and aesthetic that just screams WES! beautiful! -Gabriel
  7. Man, Congratulations! I am starting to think that maybe, just maybe this site should turn into a guild of some type. I know I wouldn't be half the bladesmith I am now without it! Keep on keepin' on Gabe! -Gabriel
  8. Now that my murderous, backstabbing, organ has been dealt with, I hope to at least start posting more on here. Sorry I been away! Anybody miss me? -with every bullet so far I guess -Gabriel
  9. I won't be able to make it this year.... But I should be able to next! to much family stuff going on. -Gabriel
  10. btw... don't worry about "fluffy". I knew him, he "taught" me bladesmithing. He is all bark than bite. Besides, he tries anything with anyone on this forum just let me know. I will handle it. I know things he don't want me telling -Gabriel
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