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  1. YellowHammer


    Anvilfire.com sells ITC100 here in the states for about $25 a pint. I order tea from England maybe you can order refactory from here....fine grain white powder going through customs? On second thought maybe not Yellow Hammer
  2. Well Voltaire, I was unaware of any inclination untoward of Whitmans. Society sure has gotten stranger as I get older. Next thing you know somebody will be saying Boy George has inclinations I do know that the leaning tower of Pisa has inclinations. As the old Quaker use to say to his wife "I am not sure of anyone in this world but me and thee, but sometime I am not sure about thee". [dunno] Thanks for the heads up on Whitman I'll be more careful from now on who I quote. Thank goodness I don't have a lithe sheer waist, more convex than concave I'm afraid. All in good fun, Yellow Ha
  3. I was interested in different household chemicals used to give finishes or teatment to metal. Boil a blade in Clorox and it will age steel with pitting. Dish washing liquid, Jet dry,and Salt make "Super quench" Nitric acid applied then heated makes wood grain very bold in some woods(Sycamore looks awful). Anybody got any other hints? Yellow Hammer
  4. Isn't blacksmithing caste an oxymoron? Yellow Hammer
  5. Most people don't know this but Noah (of ark fame) had three sons, Shem, Ham and Japeth. One was a blacksmith, one was a stone mason and one was a carpenter. Shem the blacksmith, wanted to make the ark out of metal. Ham the stone mason wanted to make the ark out of stone and Japeth wanted to make the ark out of wood. So to avoid all the squabiling at the dinner table Noah asked for divine guidance. The Lord said,"Noah go fer wood." (For those of you who didn't listen in Sunday School the ark was made of gopher wood.) Yellow Hammer
  6. Jim Batson told me once that there are two ways to reduce grain growth in steel, Thermally and Mechanically. Edge packing falls in the last method. Problem with edge packing unless you rigidly control your temperature raising to critical temperature, if you go over, you negate most if not all grain reduction you gained by edge packing. Yellow Hammer
  7. Thanks Tai. I going to try that style next!! YellowHammer
  8. The one with the carved handle. These maybe old photos because I found them surfing. I just checked and it is under tutorials on your website. (my mistake) Thanks YellowHammer
  9. Hello Tai, What kind of steel did you use for that integral bolster knife in the photo series on the neo-tribal website? It is a great looking  knife. YellowHammer
  10. Hey Phil, As long as you work hot steel on it it should be ok, however every errant hammer blow will put a dink in the face. What brand anvil is it? The are a lot of anvil shaped objects for sale out there that are not anvils in the classic sense. You  can get a very good anvil very reasonably from www.euroanvils.net  or  www.oldworldanvils.com Harbor Frieght sells 110# Russian anvil for about 80 bucks. which is serviceable but needs a lot of tuning. But as to your present anvil I am not sure if surface hardening compounds will work on something that large. Someone might chime in on t
  11. For me it was Jack Andrews book "Edge of the Anvil" purchased from Atlanta Cutlery 25 years ago. It's still in print and available from SkipJack Press. Also joining a local Blacksmith Group(For me Alabama Forge Council) and Jim Batson taking me under his wing. I highly recomend John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown NC. Good Luck YellowHammer
  12. Thanks for your advice Tai. I recieved a lot a remedies from all over, the oddest one was "everyday eat seven white raisins that have been soaked in gin over night." I was afraid I would meet the preacher in the liguior store making that remedy. Most remedies are good for osteo type arthritises but alas mine is rumetoid. I am now on Remicade and it has given me my life back. Â Who knows what long term effect it will have but "Carpe deum". At least I'm hitting hot steel again. Sorry for being so off topic and the Bad Spelling. YellowHammer
  13. Thanks Guys, that makes sense. I'm off to the forge to give it a try. By the way "Great Forum" Don!! YellowHammer
  14. After a long bout with arthritis I finally found a good medicine that got me back to forging blades. However I seem to have forgotten what I use to do keep my edge bevels centered(If I ever knew.) Â Anybody got any suggestions? I need both bevels to taper evenly down to the cutting edge not as now with one side flat like a wood chisel. Â How about jigs that aide this problem? YellowHammer
  15. Does anyone know of a source for Atlantic 33 or similar steel? Retail? ??? It's a self tempering tool steel used in hot work? YellowHammer
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