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    Bowie knife

    Steel N690 co, handle of deer horn, stainless steel, leather case. 55/5000 Преведи са језика: пољ 55/5000 Преведи са језика: пољски Steel N690 co, handle of deer horn, stainless
  2. Thank you for the springs steel
  3. From my workshop
  4. tisler

    Carving Axe

    Weight 500g head, blade width 105mm, 350mm length of the handle.
  5. Head weight 500g, handle acacia.
  6. tisler

    Damascus bowie

    The blade length of 230 mm, overall length 355, of the blade thickness of 6 mm, the material 15n20 and O2 damaskus layer 63 + 1 + 63 (mai san structures), the handle nut, leather holster.
  7. Thank you, I do not mark steel, I know that the steel axes and hammers ..
  8. 15n20 and O2 damaskus .Good length 165 mm, blade 75mm, weight 240gr.
  9. Weight head around 600g, handle length 40cm.
  10. Viking small axe head Weight 680g, 135mm blade length, handle length 600mm.
  11. Length 260mm, 140mm blade, broadly 35mm, 4.5mm thick.
  12. Damascus hunter: Length 270mm, 150mm blade, broadly 32mm, 4,2mm thick. Material blade damaskus 15n20 + o2, silver in the middle. Handle: buffalo horn, walnut, bone and stainless steel, cases goats. handle
  13. tisler


    Length 275mm, 145mm blade, broadly 35mm, 4mm thick.
  14. Hand forget wood working tools - Axe and adze!
  15. tisler


    Latest Damascus from my workshop ...
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