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  1. Yari gana - Japanese Spear Shaped Plane
  2. Spear grater back in fashion in Japan, and a little with us. View My Video View My Video
  3. The whole head is of the same steel (the head of the tool)
  4. tisler


    Thank you. blade is 2.5 mm thick, the ferrule "eboni" Grips is cherry.
  5. Axe: 350, 450, 650g, blade 7, 8, 11cm.
  6. tisler


    Santoku, blade 19cm, iron + 52100.
  7. tisler


    500g head weight, head length 150mm, width 85mm blade. Handle ash tree.
  8. tisler

    Damascus razor

    Length 10 cm, steel 15N20 and O2, handle hartshorn.
  9. tisler


    Length 195mm, blade 100mm wide, 30mm thick 3mm. 1075 Material steel, walnut handle, bolster Damascus.
  10. 450g head weight, head length 135mm, cut 80mm, length of the handle 36-7cm.
  11. tisler

    Viking axe

    Thank you, 5160 is the right choice for the ax, the exact name I do not know either.
  12. Head length 155mm, cut 135mm, weight 450g head, handle of red elm, length 60cm.
  13. tisler


    Head Weight 480-500g, head length 190mm, blade 67mm, length of the handle 450mm, material: spring of MAN trucks, handle elm.
  14. tisler


    Thank you're right.
  15. tisler


    is made from a single piece by forging.
  16. tisler


    Another tomahawk from my workshop: Weight 500g, head length 200mm, width 75mm blade. Material AISI 5160.
  17. tisler

    Hunter knives

    Thank you Dennis, my mistake, wenge, African wood.
  18. tisler

    Hunter knives

    New knives from my smithy: the first copy Bark River or bigher: total length 245 mm, blade 125 mm wide and 33 mm thick 4.5mm, handle deer horn, leather holster. Other: Damascus san -mai layer 183, O2, 15n20 silver and steel in the middle. Handle venge, bolster brass, leather holster. Total length 265 mm, blade 130 mm wide and 35 mm thick 5mm.
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