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  1. well here's a little update I forgot to take pictures early, and ran into some roadblocks so the project is going to be stalled until I find someone with a welder since my handle is about to fall off. I need to insulate my brakedrum forge aswell. this was taken after I cut the original billet of 17 layers into 3 pieces and set the welds with the center piece quarter turned. I used a friends propane forge for this and we tag teamed the hammering here is drawing out that I did solo on my charcoal forge. Once I noticed large cracks on my handle I stopped before it fell off so I'm s
  2. heh I you gotta make do with what you got right? Thanks to everyone for guidance. You're making things alot easier for me!
  3. Quick update I have started forging so I will have some wip pics soon. This time around I don't have access to a press or power hammer so 8 hours later I'm only about 1/3 done with the whole process. Keep an eye out Sunday night for pics! hopefully I'll be done with the forging and get a quick etch to see how the pattern turned out!
  4. Very nice! As soon as I make a table I'll have a jig. I've been doing all my work cross legged on the ground so far lol ><
  5. The more I get into this the more it seems I need more space lol. I'll have to make a jig before my next knife is ready for it. I have my first buyer lined up and want to make his piece properly in a somewhat reasonable amount of time. Thank you for the guidance. Im doing my forging tomorrow so ima have a busy weekend!
  6. Thank you Alan. Any tips on eye balling straight lines and even width would be helpful. I'm hoping things even out when I step up the grit and hand sand.
  7. So I desided to make a letter opener out of a project I had scrapped to practice for my next pattern weld, and wanted to share some pics. It's made from 3/8 round stock from homedepot. I flattened and folded a 11" section. (I took so many tries to made the weld stick it's barely any thicker><) Heres what I got straight from the initial sanding/filing sorry for the quality of the pictures my phone is going and right now thats the only camera I have.
  8. It's not worries. I am using a similiar setup but i soldered my connections together and threw on some shrink tubing. In my opinion thats safe enough for its purpose. I wouldn't trust it laying across a puddle of water, but for free I'll take my chances. I don't have much experience with this sorta thing so I wouldn't be surprised if the corners I cut are making you facepalm:\
  9. Ah-ha Dave that makes much more sense then the method I came up with thank you. I hope I can get it to work. This piece is destined for my first customer! Im finishing a gift over the next week or 2 so I won't have any pictures for some time, but im definately excited to try this out.
  10. Ok thank you I'll keep that in mind. Even if it doesn't come out looking how I think it will I'll be happy as long as its not full of voids.
  11. I just started myself and can offer a suggestion for a cheapish blower. Using a hair dryer strip it to just the fan and motor. Google the numbers on the motor to find the voltage(probably 12-15volts) then scavenge a transformer from the power cord of an old printer or other electronics of the sort thats 120in and 12-15out. Buy or also scavenge a slide switch for regular house lights and solder it all together. Or even just twist the wires and tape them up. The order they go together is power outlet-slide switch-transformer-hair dryer motor. I hope this helps and best of luck.
  12. Hi all, For my next pattern weld I want to try a ladder with my own flavor on it. Once the ladder is made I want to draw it out into a long thin bar then cut it into maybe 6 sections, stack them, and quarter turn every other bar. I hope to end up with a horizontal and vertical pattern. Even if my welds are solid is it likely that I will just end up breaking alot of welds and getting voids all over the place?
  13. Thank you Miles, and yes I definately did learn quite alot making this knife. My next one should be better.
  14. Well it's taken some time, but I think I've finally finished. I didn't have the results I was originally looking for. I think it came out pretty well though and I'm happy with it. Hopefully my next project will be done quicker with a couple less mistakes:) I just wanted to throw these up here. It's cloudy today hopefully I can get some nice pictures with natural light tomorrow. [/url I put the handle on a little hastily:\ really coulda used a re etching especially since i had masked the tang previously
  15. Thank you Miles. Something didnt seem right with the first etch I'll have to reetch and try your tip before I get the handle on.
  16. Thanks man! A guy I work with gave me some walnut so I'm going to give that a go with some brass pins and keep it simple.
  17. Here is some pictures from my first attempt etching with Ferric. The design has changed a bit, and I'm waiting for tomorrow to sand it up. Any tips or corrections in mistakes I've made are greatly appreciated. my mix is 1-5 ferric - water(I think). My time in the etchant was inconsistent 5, 5, 10, 5, 5minutes with a dip in baking soda+water then very light sanding under hot water with 1200 grit between each dip. After the last go I didn't sand it only neutralized and a quick rinse in hot water before drying it off to let it sit(I could have sworn I've read I need to let it s
  18. Thank you all for the reply. My container is about 2.5 liters and the 10% I ordered was just 1L. So once I get the powder and everything it should work out fine. I hope.
  19. I desided to try and use ferric chloride instead of vinegar. I ordered 10% w/v from grainger then realised that might not be what I need....does that mean its 1 part ferric 9parts water?
  20. First off I am very new to this. I got ferric chloride 10% w/v. Does that mean its 1 part ferric 9 parts water?
  21. That's some very impressive details. Great work!
  22. Heh thanks for the tip James. I don't want to even think about the handle yet that's a whole set of new errors waiting for me to make. I wouldn't be to impressed James the billet was made under supervision on a propane forge. Although I did do 90% of the work I was steered away from many mistakes. I broke 3 pieces in my brake drum charcoal forge before I learned about even heating and made a new air supply(hair dryer motor with a slide switch). Forge welding is no joke my first one took 5 heats to hold! By that time the metal was drawn out so much my attempt at thickening the rod fail
  23. Thank you I didn't like cutting it either, but I wanted to test out how the etching would turn out more since this is my first go around for everything. Plus I made the small pieces into jewelry. I plan on sticking to the forge on my next one. Everything is definitely a lot more time consuming and difficult then I originally thought, but it sure is fun!
  24. Thanks for the replies! I'm planning on keeping my costs down as much as possible for this first one, but in the future ferric acid is at the top of my list of items I want to get. Here's a few pictures of what i have so far. I'm finishing the sanding for heat treating between today and tomorrow so i hope by tuesday to have a final etch picture. test etch 3 hours straight white vinegar simmer Rough design/ hacksaw my sloppy grinding wheel setup! post grinding 2 hours into freehand 220grit sanding
  25. Hello everyone this is my first post. and it is about the first blade I am making to completion (I just started a couple months ago). It is a 306 layer pattern forged twist of 3 different 10xx steels and I am concerned with my etching process. I am using white vinegar on a very low simmer and based on some tips I have read on this forum I plan on cleaning the build up off the blade every 30 minutes for about 3 hours or so. Is this a viable option for a good even etch? I'm sorry if this post is redundant and lacking in any information that would be required for my to get assistance. I am v
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