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  1. Thank you all for the great complements. I have made a "Birdcage" for the "Eagle" so I don't have to clean it so much. LOL w.b.r. Joost
  2. Thank you, but no, I work with computers the whole day...
  3. After 14 months of work I finally finished this folding knife. All the yellow parts you see are 14K gold plated.
  4. Here are some of the 245 pictures I took during the build process.
  5. Here some pictures from my very first try to make a linerlock knife. Stainless Steel liners, Ebony handle parts, custom damast blade and spacer, hidden hardware (pivot and 26 m2 screws), custom damast bolsters. I hope you enjoy, thanks for watching. w.b.r. Joost
  6. Hahahahaha, lots of work... Divided the spine into equal parts. Started filing straight... Then I rounded the parts. And finally lots and lots of sanding til grit 2500 That's all
  7. Everything is fitted with m2 screws from the inside. The front bolsters are fitted with 3 m2 screws, the rear bolsters with 2 m2 screws. the handle parts are fitted with 2 screws. The spacer is fitted with 12 m2 screws to the liners. here you can see all the parts... w.b.r. Joost
  8. Some parts are milled (manual, no CNC), but most of all handmade (belt grinder), the filework was hard to do and took me a long time (5 day's)
  9. A year ago I switched from straight knives to folding knives. This is my second liner lock knife. Blade: Damast made by Maarten van Hattem 3.8mm thick, 87mm long, 28mm wide, custom filework (thanks to Bastianknives) hollow grind with faded plunge line Thumbstud: massive copper with Stainless steel core. Spacer: Damast made by Maarten van Hattem, 4.3mm thick, custom filework. Liners: 2mm titanium grade 5, sanded til grid 2500, 2.4mm detentbal. Handle: Juma with massive copper inlay, 4mm titanium grade 5 bolsters. Hidden hardware: 26 pieces m2 highgloss polished Stainless steel screws. Pi
  10. Tnx for the complements, After the last knife, the one I designed myself, I started with a Katana. I worked on the Katana for 3 months, and I made everything myself including the sharks in the handle, the Katana-bag, the Tsuba, the Habaki, the stand and the Saya. This Katana was a test to see if I had the skills to accomplish this project. I know there are some errors in this Katana but I'm learning from my mistakes. Some pictures. W.b.r. Joost
  11. After this knife it was time to do a very big project, some of that later.
  12. Then I decided to design my own knife. This was the result. 3mm O1 steel, heat-treated, some filework on the spine and a lot of brass work, maple-walnut-brass handle, mosaic pin (self made). It look a little like a Persian dagger. Greetings, Joost
  13. Then I started making knives from O1 steel, I was inspired by some movie knives and I decided to make myself a replica of the famous Bad-Ass knife from the movie "Cobra" (with Silvester Stallone) This is the result. (I still had the tool I mentioned before, with the addition of a cheap belt sander. (actually for wood) 5mm thick O1 steel, heat-treated, 305mm long, home made micarta handle with red micarta spacers. Because I was so busy right now, I made a replica of the Rambo III knife (made by Gil Hibben) 5mm O1 steel, heat-treated, 405mm length, brass
  14. Tnx, I will tell the short version of my knife making career. I started making knives (sept. 2013) for fun and to do something with my spare time. First, I used construction steel from the home depot to test my skills in knife making. With that steel I made two knives. They are not heat-treated, so they are pure for testing my skills. All tools I used are a angle-grinder, a drill-press and a file, and a lot of sandpaper. I made the micarta from a denim pants. Here some pictures of the first attempts. This wil be my second knife, also made from construct
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