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  1. I was privileged to watch, via the internet, this sword come to life!!! OUTSTANDING job Emiliano and beautiful work!! I am alway dumbstruck at your artwork knowing the short amount of time you have been at the craft!! Congrats on your graduation!! I am so looking forward to watching your future creations come to life!! Awesome job!!
  2. LOL Chris!! Then you know how it is...24 years part as an instructor the rest of the career as a First Sgt....by the gods we all have to take an aptitude test and prove we can read but sometimes I wonder...but damn everyone understands cartoons and pictures!!LOL Thanks Joshua! Luckily I was able to get it to the point of grinding (which I have all the scale cleaned up and ready to profile) but do all stock reduction (due to an HOA). Not sure when I will get to work on this as I am sure like everyone I have tons of more pressing, though not as fun, projects to get done...but I will ke
  3. Hey Austin! It is funny how many blade designs start looking the same no matter the country...if it is a design that works it stuck around...I still have more profiling to do but really not a lot...some of the Vendel saxes where very like this one (even a bit more of a drop to the point) as well as the Baltic war knives found on Gotland. I am having fun!!!:0)
  4. Happy Thor's day fellow bladesmith's! I recently returned from a trip to Oakland to the James Austin's Wrought Iron Academy. Jim invited me out to and hosted my teaching a flint knapping (prehistoric stone tool making) course which gave me the perfect opportunity to take another class with Jim (see Two stories in one; James Austin's Viking age ax class and my first time at the forge). After teaching my course I had the week to spend with Jeff Pringle and Jim Austin...it was torture I tell you!!LMAO I had the opportunity to finish drawing out my ax bit that I made in
  5. Joshua and Alan thanks for the ideas for the anvil!!! The great thing about this forum is how helpful everyone is!! Thanks again!!! Have a great weekend all! Respectfully, John
  6. Happy Friday all!! I only wish I had taken more photo's...I was just having too much fun and learning!! Jeff is there a possibility you could PM a picture of your anvil set-up? I think if I talk to my immediate neighbors I can probably get away with it! I concur Alan!! I commissioned him to make me a Petersen's type M ax after I bought his DVD's and seen his tutorials on here...I saw his mastery and attention to detail right away...finally we were able to line our schedules up and I didn't hesitate to hop on a plane and head out there!! It was outstanding!!! Anyone even thinking ab
  7. Hey Austin! Yes I live pretty close to Johnny and have been fortunate enough to take one of his classes and benefit from his close proximity. Shoot me a PM on here or FB and maybe we can talk sharp pointy things sometime!!! Take care. John
  8. Happy Tuesday!! I have lurked on here for quite some time but have never really posted except when the sword Ondrej Borsky made that was stolen in transport (grrrrr)!!! Prior to retiring from the military I had always had an interest in knife making and forging, but unfortunately did not have the time or facilities to pursue my passion. Now that I have retired I have studied/continue to study with Johnny Stout and have a small shop set up where I do stock reduction knife making. I live in a subdivision with a HOA so forging is out of the question. In addition to the knife making
  9. Jake, The day I actually need my scanner to work...oh well! I found the attached photo's which are the same ones from the book...they are Tent finials from the Gokstad ship in Oslo. The second picture if I recall correctly are part of a bed, same ship burial! I was fortunate enough to visit those beautiful ships this summer! The other cat like finials above are from the Oseberg ship...they are part of a bed..the head post! Sorry I couldn't get the scans but these are pretty well what was in the book...if you Google Gokstad Ship you should have some more selections as well.
  10. Jake, If you know what pictures you want I have the two thin books on Viking age designs, and Celtic/Viking designs...no CD though. If you let me know I can scan them but would have to do it tomorrow as I am leaving for James Austin's ax class but can scan a few for you!! Take care and all my best, John
  11. Hello all...my first post and it has to be in regards to this. I was the intended recipient of Ondŕey's beautiful sword. The box arrived empty in the San Antonio, Tx area. We are both working at both ends to resolve this issue....it is not really about the money at all to me, not even...it is some low life pilfered something that they have no idea the blood, sweat and soul that went into making it...they think they just have a sword. I was very excited to become the new custodian of Ondŕey's beautiful work....he is an amazing artist and a good man....please contact him or I if you see it..
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