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  1. I started cleaning the anvil today. After 2 hours with a drill fit with a wire wheel I'm about half way done cleaning off the rust. I won't do anything more to it other than finish cleaning it.
  2. I bought this old anvil for 25 EUR (about 35$). It weighs about 120 lbs so it is just about portable which is important for me since I live in an apartment and have no workshop. It is not exactly in a great shape but it has no cracks in it and it has a very nice ring when struck. I imagine it will be good for forging a knife or two since it still has two flat areas on it. The only thing left to do is to find a large enough tree stump to mount it on. Can I do anything to improve its condition beside using a wire brush to get the bulk of the rust off on the cheap and with limited tools? I do hav
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