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  1. My goal is to earn the "art/detail eyes" most here have. Sadly my time and budget doesn't allow to follow both hobbies so I have to make a decision. But after I saw Wielands knifes I think that's a way that can lead to good results . Probably I will do it reverse of what you do Kevin and make a knife once a while to test out new earned skills.
  2. This is for a friend who wanted a hunting knife for his sister. She is hemophiliac and has to stay safe from the blade. From now on I will focus more on bench jewelry, after all the knives from goldsmiths in this forum I decided to go this path for a while. A friend of mine is master goldsmith and teaches me the craft now
  3. If you make a knot in the hole while you sewing the leather it won't open when one loop is damaged. Very cool tutorial though. Thanks for sharing And fancy and good a very different things. The thing you have made looks solid and trustworthy;)
  4. As someone with the same amount of interests/Hobbies I canrelate to the "master of none" feeling you describe. But since we are the jack of all trades I look forward to the moment we can combine the single things we have learned to become a great good picture. And you are very good on your way! I like the things you showed here. Keep going with it
  5. Second here. Don't toss in in the trash. I would make jewelery out of this. Make little pieces and put some silver and gold around.
  6. That is way more than a knife. I love the connection it has to your family. Hopefully this will be a family treasure in 100 years
  7. Here we stand looking at this cool coat hanger. I guess if you give fire and blood to your work its outstanding every time. I would say your student is growing strong. Hopefully he pays his debt.
  8. That's so awesome!! What a setting for forging. How long did you lived there? Is it a cabin you rented or does it belong to your family? Are these type of mountain cabins still usual in your country?
  9. melf

    Found on Reddit

    http://i.imgur.com/u5gpo6E.gifv Is posted as ~300 years old. Now I need a river To build my own water powered hammer :/
  10. I like the image of a bunch of drunken smiths sticking red hot swords in various liquids while a group of scared Boy Scouts in the woods try to figure out what happens there
  11. melf

    Found on Reddit

    If they have a furnace where they can heat a few of these billets must that be the place on earth that is closer to hell for the most people than anywhere else v
  12. I guess he didn't wanted the job after he learned that he sits in front of a sword smith
  13. melf


    http://mis.historiska.se/mis/sok/start.asp#objects This is posted a couple times, but I haven't seen it in detail. You can look up the single items there.
  14. melf


    I really love the lines of this piece. It looks extremely cool.
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