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  1. Ditto to what these guys said. Yep! You've improved a lot.
  2. Lookin good. Keep at it! Plan on giving it a sheath?
  3. I missed it too. It's looking mighty fine, Josh! Keep it up.
  4. Yup. Good to see you're back!
  5. Wonderful work man, and for an even better cause. Cheers mate.
  6. Thanks folks! It's a maple handle. I love how this has turned into a brussel sprout recipe discussion. Personally I fry them up in olive oil, salt pepper with a dash of apple cider vinegar in the end.
  7. Hey folks. Hope everyone is have a wonderful week so far. Kitchen knives are stereotypical, boring (at times), hard to do right (I'm my opinion), and overall just a pain in my butt. But here were are. This is my most recent one off the bench with much trial and error.... still working on the handle design a bit and I apologize I don't have better photos of the overall knife. They were taken at delivery to the customer. Anyways hope yall have a great evening! Cheers.
  8. I remember seeing that one! It is a beaut', and nice photos of it to boot. Good luck man and looking forward to the end result on #2. Looking good so far.
  9. That's gnarly dude!! Can't wait to see it finished. You captured that wavy energy perfectly!
  10. Thanks folks! I'll give all your suggestions a shot.
  11. Hey folks. Not a beginner but I'm having trouble lately finding unique wood online. I prefer to cut my own and have a good stock drying at the moment, but I want a reliable source when I need em. Specifically I'm looking for Amboyna, Ringed Gidgee, but in general just something with character. Stabilized preferred. Anyone have someone they trust that has a good, reliable supply? Price doesn't matter much to me. Thanks.
  12. Looks awesome! Im getting a rustic, old school, bushcraft vibe. Nicely done!
  13. Nice dude! That antler knife catches my eye! And of course, I really like the matching cap to the antler.
  14. Well gosh dang, Charlie! Nicely done.
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