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  1. Very nice, Aiden! Seconded to what Alan said, your resourcefulness turned out a pretty dang great looking knife!
  2. Wow! Great score on the 15n20. A nice gentleman indeed.
  3. Typical. Folks are assholes now-adays. Depressing( in all seriousness). I have a whole spleel on this but it wouldn't matter. Best of luck JPH, you've been a inspiration to many (if not all) to us so please don't let this put a damper on things.
  4. That anvil is a good start. Little light on #'s but it'll work. Look at vises, blade steel, and wood/scales. From what you've given us, it doesn't sound like he has much left? However, do what you think needs to be done. Have confidence in what you think will be a good purchase.
  5. As of right now, yes. It's owned by facebook, so it may change, sooner than later.
  6. Wow, to say that I'm intrigued is an understatement. Y'all have taken this thread to new levels, and I like the thought provoking ideas/opinions. Facebook is hit and miss for myself, I have never promoted anything on it, and I may not at risk of getting shut down. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Very cool, Geoff. A bummer about the welds, but it happens as we all know. I recognize Mr. Bell (I don't remember where) and Gabe Bell as well!! Seem to be very friendly folk. Make sure to show us the final product of your work with that waki.
  8. Interesting, Mark. Thanks for the heads up.
  9. Never use a camera to gauge your heat. Exposure is all over the place and every camera or video will show a different color. White hot is something you never want. It indeed looks, to your eye, white once you get it there, usually accompanied by sparks. It's something we avoid as smiths, and lemon yellow (or thecolor of your forge) is what we look for in steel for forge welding, but we never go past that....on purpose anyways.
  10. Wow! Now that's a large order. You've gotta watch out for those hunter forums, they sure do like giving us business in large numbers. An impressive amount of work, Garry. Looking forward to more.
  11. As a few might know, I'm moving soon, however I still have some forge time, or stock removal if we want to get technical. This little teenie knife was a practice session for both hollow grinding and doing a double grind (?) for the false edge. Learning a little, screwed up a lot. I usually don't hollow grind and think it's a new "fad" that people like. All in all I feel this little prototype (if you will) may have some hope for future sales. Let me know what yall think!
  12. I've already said this, but damnit Jim! (hehe, I had too). Your work is beautifully connected to nature and the "flow" of it. You have something that I envy.
  13. Looks good so far! Yeah, 1080 isn't good for hamons. Too much manganese. You'll just get a hardening line like you got.
  14. Well I learned how to do nail nicks now! Thanks Aiden! That is going to be one hell of a knife. The bone is awesome. You're really inspiring me to try one of these someday...
  15. Looking good Gary. I always like seeing your semi wip's on how you make your steel.