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  1. Very, very, nice and clean work!
  2. It's a killer knife, Curtis. Great twist, and the pattern is bold too. Like said previously, good planning in the forging process to bring the pattern up to the tip. The handle looks wonderful too. Great work!
  3. Classy, clean! That shell casing and M1 Garand wood is a cool touch too. Can you imagine how proud the new owner will be to tell that story.
  4. My humble beginnings began when I was just a kid. Always fascinated by fantasy, I made some wooden Legolas swords from the Lord of the Rings, and Aragorn's elvish dagger out of metal. Unfortunately this was before I had a camera, much less a camera phone (they didn't exist) so I don't have a photo of those. Moving on to 2014, halfway through college, the knife making bug bit me when I made the knife in the first photo. Un-hardened stainless steel from some scrap with plenty of scratch marks and mistakes.... but it looked cool I guess! Started a low output business, ran it successfully for a few years, and went off to be an adult after failing out of college. So here we are, 2022. I do it as a hobby for supplemental income now. No custom work unless I like ya. The other photos are some if my favorites, although maybe not my best or the most intricate, they are my cleanest work. This forum is what started it, and what has kept me going, albeit, a little slower these days due to life. Love you guys and am glad to be apart of everyone's journey and excited to see what everyone else is making from all experience levels. Cheers folks! -Austin
  5. Ditto to what these guys said. Yep! You've improved a lot.
  6. Lookin good. Keep at it! Plan on giving it a sheath?
  7. I missed it too. It's looking mighty fine, Josh! Keep it up.
  8. Yup. Good to see you're back!
  9. Wonderful work man, and for an even better cause. Cheers mate.
  10. Thanks folks! It's a maple handle. I love how this has turned into a brussel sprout recipe discussion. Personally I fry them up in olive oil, salt pepper with a dash of apple cider vinegar in the end.
  11. Hey folks. Hope everyone is have a wonderful week so far. Kitchen knives are stereotypical, boring (at times), hard to do right (I'm my opinion), and overall just a pain in my butt. But here were are. This is my most recent one off the bench with much trial and error.... still working on the handle design a bit and I apologize I don't have better photos of the overall knife. They were taken at delivery to the customer. Anyways hope yall have a great evening! Cheers.
  12. I remember seeing that one! It is a beaut', and nice photos of it to boot. Good luck man and looking forward to the end result on #2. Looking good so far.
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