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  1. I remember seeing that one! It is a beaut', and nice photos of it to boot. Good luck man and looking forward to the end result on #2. Looking good so far.
  2. That's gnarly dude!! Can't wait to see it finished. You captured that wavy energy perfectly!
  3. Thanks folks! I'll give all your suggestions a shot.
  4. Hey folks. Not a beginner but I'm having trouble lately finding unique wood online. I prefer to cut my own and have a good stock drying at the moment, but I want a reliable source when I need em. Specifically I'm looking for Amboyna, Ringed Gidgee, but in general just something with character. Stabilized preferred. Anyone have someone they trust that has a good, reliable supply? Price doesn't matter much to me. Thanks.
  5. Looks awesome! Im getting a rustic, old school, bushcraft vibe. Nicely done!
  6. Nice dude! That antler knife catches my eye! And of course, I really like the matching cap to the antler.
  7. Well gosh dang, Charlie! Nicely done.
  8. I'm still alive... and still hammering them out. Although, more so for pleasure than for business these days. Much more enjoyable that way for me! Here's a little hunter that I finished up that's going to a good home. Another knife which I wish I could have kept. Thanks for looking folks and hope all are doing well.
  9. Holy smokes yall! The hamons are looking amazing. Keep sharing.
  10. I really need to get a few knives made for the Christmas season... but I've got an order for a musical instrument at the moment.
  11. The though has crossed my mind.... oh so many a time. Thank you for the words of wisdom! And you're completely correct. As both you and Alan have mentioned, charge more... but oh my... I have sold many knives for a humble lump some of change. @steven smith Quite a bit of experience and wise words! Thank you. I've lost my finesse with people. I'll find it eventually. Just in that rut I'm sure most of us have/has felt. You mention "what-used-to-be-austin" people and can't help but laugh. I've lived in central Texas my whole life, and boy, has it changed quite a bit. Y
  12. Maybe not the best topic to start, but as of late, I've been getting pretty jaded with people. It's the lack of respect to the tool that they purchased that gets me. I don't have high production but I do sell most of what I make... and I can tell you that when a customer spends a good chunk of change on a blade, then proceeds to... Cut through a LIVE wire at his house and melt halfway through the blade Can't tell you how many times people think they can pry a nail or screw a screw and end up snapping the tip (EVEN after I tell them that's not what a knife is fo
  13. Lookin' pretty sleek there, Jake!
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