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  1. Clean as can be, alex. Well done dude!
  2. Exceptional. Blued is a perfect choice for the fittings and a simple but elegant handle to boot. Well done.
  3. Seems like a bad time for both. Dude lost his knife (good throw?) And the alligator has got a hell of a headache.
  4. Damn sexy. Well executed knife all around!
  5. Style indeed. Alan is right. You've come a long way in a short distance. Absolutely well done.
  6. Gotta love your inlay work! Always like seeing ya post Matthew. You're not swearin', until your caring.
  7. Incredible! Very well executed, and it can sometimes be difficult to end up close to the original design! That hamon is out of this world... wish I could see it in person.
  8. Very nice my friend! I definitely like the clean look of the blade! You're off to a great start. Look forward to seeing more folders from you! As to Alan, why haven't you yet? I'm sure you'd try to mix in some wrought and Scandinavian influence in there somewhere. =P
  9. Very nice indeed. Now that's THIN! Well done and great blade profile.
  10. Looks like our fires we had a few years back in Bastrop Texas. Twice. Keep safe!
  11. Smaller drill bit, even smaller ball of jb weld epoxy? Pull up? You're in a sticky situation. That's what I would try first. Small, thin needle nose pliers to counter twist it out? The beers are kicking in and my ideas are becoming elementary. :p If nothing works I'll keep thinking and best of luck!
  12. You're kicking ass brotha. Sure do like your knives and your design. Keep up the good work and keep posting!
  13. Well howdy everyone! It seems I've fallen a little behind with my shop hours. Having been occupied with moving from one state and back, a job search, and balancing work with play (not much time for play anymore), I've neglected to complete or even start a blade. Anyways, I ended up being quite productive on my days off and managed to dust off ye ol'e grinding wheel (literally!). I was sure to throw sparks out the garage door for all the world to see, and ended up having a crowd of interested neighbors and their not so amused wives from across the street. Sure cuts nicely and a pleasure to cook with.
  14. Oh yes. I sure do like these. Very frontier'ish as Alan mentioned. Honestly, it's inspiring me to get back into the grind (pun most definitely intended). Thank you for sharing!
  15. Sorry I'm a little late, I don't frequent the forums as I used too. Should be back soonish. Since I've posted this I've learned quite a bit. As Zeb mentioned , basically just a normalization should do it and remove whatever you had before. Just make sure to not let it soak for too long as you don't want grain. Just keep doing it, whether it's fail or success and you'll start to figure out what works, what doesn't, and the in betweens to where you can come up with your own recipes and designs for hamon. Best of luck and feel free to always come back here to ask any questions.
  16. I've always had good service with Jantz. Been working with them for 4 years. Never a wrong order, and everything is as listed and comes quick. I believe they are located out of Oklahoma. I purchase mostly folder and handle parts from them but the occasional steel for damascus. 90% of my steel is from new jersey steel baron though.
  17. The green and bronze go perfect together! As to the other, the inlay work is perfect!
  18. Made it to Texas and didn't say hi. I've seen a lot of these off facebook and every one of them is badass. My favorite of course is that bowie.
  19. You can probably get away with forging to a rough shape. Don't go too close. If it was a stainless san-mai I don't bother forging to shape because of the high chance of delam due to the stainless. To add a little flare you can "ladder" (cut grooves) the billet with an angle grinder and then forge to shape, to create a pattern in the San mai.
  20. Like you said, if its only the spine and no where near the edge, you could, but the weld line would probably show up after polishing. Someone could definitely tell you did it. In general, I would not recommend or do it though.
  21. How fast are you trying to drill through? A lot of times only the slightest pressure will cut and won't ruin your bits as fast. I also run my drill press as slow as it goes. Forgive me if you already knew this. I buy the cheap "titanium" branded dewalt bits from lowes and they last me quite awhile. (unless it's titanium I'm drilling, not related to the bit). Ps. I really like your knives and the Nicholson touch on the handle is awesome.
  22. Welcome, and very good work! There is so much style and uniqueness to that knife. Keep up the good work and looking forward to more!
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