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  1. Hey Rob. Just stumbled on to this post and am very grateful for all the work you have put into this project and all the great pics. It's a beautiful piece and a project I want to have a go at one of these days myself. This is a great motivator for me. Can't wait to see the finished sheath!
  2. Really nice work! I love the carved handle and the spacers. Can't wait to try something like this.
  3. These are breathtaking. I really love the shape of the handles. I've never worked with copper, but am looking forward to giving it a try. Thank you for sharing these!
  4. Beautiful work. I love the steel and the overall lines of the knife and sheath. JD, love the way you carve stuff. Wow! Thanks for sharing.
  5. Beautiful work. I hope to do some carving similar to that soon. Never occurred to me to use copper though. May be a place to start before I carve steel. Looks really great together. I can't imagine how many hours you've got into that. Thanks for the inspiration! Ed
  6. Thanks for the advice guys. I'm going to cut some slices off of it and see what it looks like before I try anything else. I'll post about what happens. Thanks again. Ed
  7. Thanks for the feedback guys. I think before I try anything heat related, I'll try and cut it up some w/a chop saw and see what it looks like inside. I'm only into this thing for 20.00, so my hopes aren't high that its very good. Course there's a lot of freedom in only being amble to screw up 20.00 worth of rock ;-)
  8. Thanks Dave. I'm going to do a bunch of reading before I tackle this thing.
  9. Hi guys. I"m new here but have been forging blades since 2000. Been slowly getting into pattern welded steel the last few years and one thing I've always wanted to try is incorporating meteoric iron into some pattern welded steel. Last night I happened to stumble on some meteors at a gift shop in the mall of all places. Its got enough iron in it that a magnet sticks to it, thats about all I know about it. Its a little smaller than my fist and supposedly comes from China. Any thoughts on what I need to do to get from "space rock" to something I can include in some pattern welded steel? Any
  10. Hi folks. I'm not exactly a beginner, but new here though I've been lurking for awhile. I've been forging blades since about 2000. Just starting to get into doing some damascus the last few years. I picked up a meteorite yesterday and would like to try and incorporate some of it into some damascus. It has enough iron in it that a magnet sticks to it, but thats about all I know about it. So anyone have any thoughts, advice etc on what I have to do to get from space rock to something I can incorporate into a billet?
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