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  1. Dennis Mitchell

    Bowie Knife

    There is one simular on etsy, I don't know if we're allowed to link a active sale item, so here is a pic and description... Item details Inlay aluminum handle knife with spring steel blade. Includes a black leather sheath. Mother of pearl, faux turquoise, jet and faux coral smooth inlay. The aluminum has been diamond cut to add sparkle. Made in the Philippines. Total length is 12". The blade is 7". The point where the blade and handle connect is 2 1/8" wide. Good condition.
  2. Dennis Mitchell

    Bos Taurus "Bowie"

  3. Dennis Mitchell

    6" SS San mai St8 hunter

    Other what has been mentioned, I also like the way your San Mai came out, and the ironwood pattern is gorgeous.
  4. Dennis Mitchell

    Brute de Forge Camp Knife

    Great job! Love the knife and sheath! Looks like your ready for some hard trail blazing!
  5. Dennis Mitchell

    Forged in Fire Season 4

    James, Congratulations on the win! It was neat to see you and Rashelle on the air!
  6. Dennis Mitchell

    Past few blades

    Nice looking work, Gabriel! Agreed with you on the sheaths, very nice!
  7. Dennis Mitchell

    Introduction and Split Frame

    Beautiful! Look forward to the WIP. Welcome to the forum!
  8. Dennis Mitchell

    Another new one

    I like this one a lot! From the lines and shape of the blade to the texture you put on the butt plate! Nicely done! What did you use to color and finish that wonderful stag?
  9. Dennis Mitchell


    Very clean, nice lined. I like your Micarta.
  10. Dennis Mitchell

    Integral multibar fighter.

    Just incredible!! The detail from butt to tip is gorgeous! Thanks for commenting on your etching methods!
  11. Dennis Mitchell

    Spontoon pipe tomahawk

    Awsome work, Alan! I always enjoy seeing your work, it's very inspiring!
  12. Dennis Mitchell

    Starting a New Fighter--WIP

    The blade already looks great! Look forward to how you develop this one. Thanks for the WIP shots!
  13. Dennis Mitchell

    Traditional 14" Dueling Bowie

    Nice, Bernie! There is so much going on with the blade, handle and sheath, and all of it interesting! Look forward to your next post!
  14. Dennis Mitchell


    I really like this knife and sheath alot! To me, it's perfect but n terms of what a knife can be in this style. I, too, would be interested in if you did the hardware on the sheath, as the ring is thoughtfully rustic but with the the extra step of looping around the ends and the end tucked, nice detail.
  15. Dennis Mitchell

    Desert ironwood burl and leather

    Beautiful set, Jeff! Love the shape and the Ironwood burl!