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  1. Thank you all for your replies. I'll be sure to check those sites and books out. Not sure if I said this, but i don't know what I would be able to do without this forum. Thank you all again, and hopefully, I'll be able to post my first knife soon.
  2. Thank you all. Looking back at my post, it seems a bit overexcited. (I looked for a delete button forever), so apologies all around. Sorry. Not sure if this is the right place to put it, but heres an introduction (mercifully short) to me. I'm currently 14, live in a rather sleepy part of the Bronx in New York City (raised eyebrows from the guys in Minnesota), and I do everything from reading to CG art. Long story short, I thought it would be cool if I made a sword out of wood as a side project, to take a break from everything else. That didn’t go well, so I tried adapting something fro
  3. There is a lot I wanted to ask about, so I'll keep it short and too the point. Basically, I'm a newcommer in the bladesmithing hobby who has more ideas and thoughts than are good for him. Just so no one starts attacking me with their knives yet, here are the questions that seem at least somewhat to make sense: What is the difference in forging knives and forging swords? Do we use a different type of steel, is it file vs. hammer, does legnth and amount come into effect? Why is it suggested that I start out with knives rather than swords? Can we make ballistic knives? Throwing knives? Poisoned
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