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  1. Thanks so much for checking it out. The base kind of threw me off how rounded and smooth it is, almost like a vulcan but as I read around I see sometimes they used what they had or had pre made bases supplied.. Anyway it weighs 75lbs the rebound is well above 80% ( ball bearing dropped from 10inches is method I used ) and I paid 70$ for the anvil with a couple hardy tools. I just like their history and like to know what it really is I've got.
  2. I've tried finding other markings but have not had much luck, i think the base may have been sanded too but it looks like there may be numbers.. i did follow the ball bearing rebound test on anvil guide and it seems to be 80-90% across the face.
  3. Hi everyone, looking for a bit of help. 2nd opinion on anvil ID? I think its a fisher but wanted to ask. cast with 3/4 inch top plate and plated horn if that helps. logo has been worn down, probably sanded. it had 3 layers of paint. eagle appears to be on both sides, holding what i think is 2 arrows and something on the other side. there also appears to be alot of casted words above each logo right below the top plate but somebody did a good job sanding that down a long time ago..would anyone have an idea of when they used that logo along with this type of base? I should invest in the anvils in america book.. thanks for looking.
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