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  1. Hi guys! I made some knives recently. All 6150 with selective hardening and nice, visible hamons. I started making knives with holes and I absolutely love this design. It gives you nice control with really short handle. So you can stuff knife like this inside your pants with iwb sheath and it won't poke you at all
  2. Great contrast! Good work.
  3. Hi everyone! It's my first post so: I'm from Poland, pretty new to knifemaking but i learn fast! I started from stock removal but i always wanted to learn hard ways of forging. This one is my first attempt at frontier style knife. It was forged from NCV1 and is 3mm thick. Rawhide sheath with beads (my first also). And this is a different knife in similar fashion. Forged from bearing, with elk bone handle. And other knives recently made: Thats all for now! Let me know what you think
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