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  1. I received this little beauty early this afternoon and after examining all 'round, went straight on my belt for a trip to York where I am building a cabin. It hangs comfortably on the hip, and not too low. It is easily drawn with one hand, and replaced with one hand. The handle is well shaped, and allows several styles of use. I found it handy to chamfer the corners of pegs that I am using in greenwood construction, to help prevent cracking. It did need to have the edge tuned up a bit, but once it was it held beautifully all day, and is still shaving sharp. I see this blade becoming an essential piece of kit on the homestead. Thank you for your wonderful work, I will appreciate it always.
  2. 1. George Ezell 2. Michael Lenaghan 3. Dan Bourlotos 4. Kevin Hopkins 5. James Fuller 6. Hloh 7. Brian Dougherty 8. Gabriel R. Paavola 9. Dion Grethen 10. Gary Toulomelis (jajimi) 11. John Kruse-Kanyuck
  3. I don't mind giving folks some extra time to finish up. Getting your idea from mental to physical can sometimes take a little extra time. I don't mind drawing while folks are working, either; if no one else does. Call it a faith entry.
  4. http://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?showtopic=31001&page=3 Here, everyone agreed on July 31st as a deadline. However, I am finished when that date comes.
  5. Very cool! I need to get a set of those EDM stones again; they are super handy to have around. I can't wait to see what you do from here!
  6. Wow, that looks awesome! I like the contrast it throws. Did you drill the case, or split and router it?
  7. I think both got a gander at it, I'm not too sure... It was all very exciting and seeing as I haven't left my property in about two years it's safe to say I'm not terribly used to large gatherings of people, so many faces and names have blurred together.
  8. It was indeed! Unfortunately I came across a ligament injury due to some stairs, a heavy object, and my tiredness at the hotel I was at, so I didn't get to experience the last day. I was given some well observed thoughts that it had unusual geometry, and it was likely a quickly made WWII blade.
  9. Well, lets keep our fingers crossed then. Thank you!
  10. I've checked in in Elkridge Days Inn, being the closest place with vacancies. I'm not sure where to go from here... I didn't see an address or directions on F&B dot com; if anyone could help out that'd be much appreciated.
  11. I haven't seen another bottle of G.T.S. In a while, I thought it'd be a once in a lifetime thing! And the junior just isn't the same...
  12. Mostly finished, just some touching up on the sheath, and making the loop and loop.
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